How is it that William S Burroughs is Nearly a Hundred Years Old? Or, Would be if He Weren’t Dead…

Author and beat notable William S. Burroughs would have been ninety-eight today.

My big claim to Burroughs fame came some years ago when I was working for Moe’s Books. Burroughs was coming by to sign books, I don’t recall what… But, I did a flyer using words cut out of magazines and then cellophane pasted onto a sheet of paper. I asked that copier service to punch up the contrast so as to show the tape. They agreed to do so only if I did not say who did the job, which they thought was dirty & which is exactly what I wanted.

(Yes, I’ve mentioned this before…)

When he saw the flyers he said in his dry as death voice, “Nice job.”

Made my day…

(And, yes, Mr Burroughs is a very good example why there should be better gun control laws in Mexico, as well as here…)

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