Thank you, Mr Gutenberg

On this day in 1455 Gutenberg published his wondrous Bible.

Of course pretty much everyone knows that it wasn’t the first time a book was printed with movable type. Personally, I’m pleased as punch that the oldest extant book printed with movable type is an edition of the Diamond Sutra.

But, really, this should not in any way take away the momentous occasion that the Gutenberg Bible announced.

What would drive the course of history toward a universal civilization comes more from the historic mess that was Europe. In good time the rest of the world would get to sit at the table, thank goodness. For instance, the Diamond Sutra and the whole of the Prajnaparamita Cycle are more important to my understanding of what is and what can be than the Bible.

But the course leading toward where we are, and where I hope we might yet go, has a certain origin here, at this moment, on this day, Mainz, in Germany, in 1455.

So, today, incense, candles and bows…

May the great flux continue to lurch,

And may we continue to find the wisdom hidden in each others hearts


And scattered to the winds…

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