Valentine’s Feast

A quick glance at Wikipedia drew together my jumbled memories and ideas of this holiday’s origins and what it all might mean. Historically, such as that is, it celebrates a person (or two) of this name who died on this day. And… Well… That appears to be the end of the known stuff about St Valentine.

After that he becomes the canvas for various people looking for someone to represent something. At first as an exemplar of courtly love. Later, I’m actually a bit surprised to learn, by the fifteenth century, individuals were giving their beloved tokens such as flowers and sweets on this day. I really thought the holiday was something mostly frothed up by the greeting card cartel. And they certainly have run with it. But, nope, its a solid and pretty ancient Western celebration of love and lovers.

Not a bad thing, I think.

Particularly a day to think of that intoxicating deity love.

And particularly as it manifests between lovers.

So, today, those who are partnered, I wish you the best in celebrating your partnership.

For those who’ve lost partners, I join you in the loss. Loss and mourning are without a doubt part of the deal of love.

And for those never so blessed,

know that love is a current that runs through the heart and while it may alight for a time between two,

it is also something ever more lovely,

And terrifying,

and can be found adequately and truly in a moment of silence, or in the taste of a piece of chocolate…

Or, with a friend.

True stuff this…



In all that complexity, with the hurt of necessity involved, of the joy it brings,

in how this celebrates our natural lives,

May the great god love be celebrated on this day!

Oh… Also. Jan, I love you!

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