Science and Religion: Clash or Dance: Your Choice, I guess…

I see that on this day in 1616 the Roman church banned Nicolaus Copernicus’ De revolutionibus orbium coelestium. To be fair, Martin Luther hadn’t been particularly appreciative, either. Copernicus had dedicated the book to Pope Paul III, but, as noted, that didn’t help. Also, to be fair, if such is the right term, in 1758, Pope Benedict XIV had the book removed from the Index of Forbidden Books. It didn’t even take a century and a half to correct course on this…

Ah… Religion and Science…

I have to admit I don’t see why they have to be seen as oil and water…

But, it sure seems to work that way on occasion…

Too bad, because each eye offers something toward a binocular vision that takes us ever deeper into reality, and to understanding our true home.

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