So Long Caesar!

Ah the Ides of March.

Better known in some circles as international kill a tyrant day.

I loved that for some years in the Unitarian Universalist Association the seasonal match up of ministers and congregations culminated on this day when offers were extended.

Allowing the great mix of things.

That particular annual rite has moved to the 21st of the month, the Equinox, and I’ve learned in somebody’s Astrological terms the beginning of the New Year. So, good symbolism all by itself.

But, here we are the day of the long knives and the end of the man who would be king.

I wish we heed the warnings we’re given by our friends.


I wish for all of us that today some tyrant lurking in our hearts dies.


And I wish things don’t turn out badly, anyway, as they did for that long ago Republic.

May we do better…

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