Boundless Way Zen in Brooklyn

I’m so pleased to announce a new Boundless Way sitting group forming in Brooklyn.

It will be led by my senior student Desmond Gilna. Desmond has been a Zen practitioner for nearly thirty years, studying at several monastic centers in America & Japan prior to starting working with me and our other Boundless Way teachers. I find him a sharp mind and equally important a large heart. I’m particularly confident he will prove to be a competent and generous guide in koan introspection.

On the personal front he works as a therapist and is married to William O’Neil who grounds him in reality. Something all Zen teachers need, but too few get…

Bottom line:

If you live in the New York area and are looking for a sangha and a spiritual director, I think one of your best options is going to be Desmond & the Greenpoint Zen Sangha.

Happy birthday, Spike!
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  • Steven Beres

    Dez is a good guy. His partner was a student of John Daido Loori for a long time…

  • Peter Herissone-Kelly

    Now, would this be the Des Gilna who lived at Amaravati in the mid-late 80s? If so, I would really like to get in touch with him: he’s a great guy! (If it’s not the same Des, I’m sure he’s a great guy anyway!)

  • jamesiford

    Peter, if you send me a note at, I can forward you contact information…