Oscar Wilde Arrested

On this day in 1895, following his disastrous law suit for libel against Marquess of Queensberry, is arrested in his room at the Cadogan Hotel, charged with “committing acts of gross indecency with other male persons.”

Later, John Betjeman would sing of those moments at room 118 in the hotel…

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  • Tim Law

    Thanks for this link James. I remember the British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge making a snide, if not cruel comment about how much he loathed that Wilde had been turned into a “gay saint.”
    His comment made in the 1970′s has sat on my mind since then for its injustice. One in a long line of cruelties. But, he is a saint to me all the same.

  • Mary Gates

    What a lovely and heartbreaking poem. If only that kind of gay bashing were but a distant memory.