Standing Up For Marriage Equality in Rhode Island

This past Sunday I experienced the most wonderful thing.

Our Unitarian Universalist president Peter Morales and United Church of Christ general minister Geoffrey Black and some three hundred and fifty people came together to call on the Senate of the State of Rhode Island to finish the job begun by the House of Representatives and to respond to the heart call of the governor and the citizens, and to vote marriage equality into our laws.

The preparation was hard. Getting two denominational presidents together at the same time and at the same place turns out to be a major production. But, both Dr Black and Dr Morales are deeply committed to this aspect of advancing human rights and justice in our community, and they both adjusted their calendars and, well, and it happened!

Happy birthday, Spike!
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And a Blessed 21st of April to All!
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  • TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    Rock on.
    I guess just saying “Rock on” was too short a comment for the blog system here. But now my comment is longer so it should stick.

  • Nancy Green

    It was inspiring. ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ is still going through my head– after the third time I started getting into it. Seeing the ministers and congregation was such a great visual rebuttal to the claims that all religions oppose marriage equality.