Don’t Forget to Lift a Toast to Harvey Today

Today is Harvey Milk‘s birthday. Harvey was the first openly gay person to be elected to office in California, and possibly in the country. He would have been eighty-three if he had not been assassinated by fellow San Francsico city supervisor, well technically ex-supervisor, Dan White.

His birthday is an official state holiday in California. As it should be.

An incredibly important figure on the way toward full civil rights for GLBTQ people, and therefore an incredibly important person for anyone who wishes for all people to be treated equally before the law.

We have come so far.

We have so far to go…

And, and, there is one thing we can be sure of: having tasted freedom, there will be no going back.

So, sometime, somewhere, today, I hope you lift a toast to Harvey and to the struggle for human rights…

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