The Day Before Marriage Equality Becomes the Law of Rhode Island

So, an old friend who is also a member of the church calls me up this morning. His spouse, also a friend, also a member of the church are at family court for their divorce appearance. They’re not using lawyers. Turns out they must have a witness who can swear they’ve lived in the state for at least a year. The court is half a mile from my office. Clearly I’m the only one they can call upon at this last minute and without whom their sadness gets drawn out.

I had to quickly cancel an appointment.

And then I walked down the hill and over to the court.

We sat there for a bit more than an hour before our moment came. Fortunately these were not the disputed cases, but none the less, a litany of broken relationships…


And, tomorrow afternoon, the Rhode Island House is expected to pass the last version of the bill allowing marriage equality. The governor is planning on signing the bill into law immediately following the vote in the House.

And that’s what we’ve been struggling for.

The ordinariness of life. The right to marry. The right to personal joy. The right to personal sorrow. And the right to failure.

Such is life.

Such is the struggle.

For this…

A ring of fire.

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