The Writer’s Half Life, or, Please Take a Look at The Best Buddhist Writing, 2013

While in my best estimation nowhere near enough folk as should have took an interest in my latest book, If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break, at least I’d gotten some good notices. As they say, better than a poke in the eye… And now, the good and wise Melvin McLeod and his associates at Shambhala Sun have included a section from that book in the latest edition of The Best Buddhist Writing 2013. Which, somehow, feels much better…

For me, been a mixed week. This very much made it all feel better…

What adds to the sweet of the deal is that my teaching colleague and dear friend David Rynick had a selection from his book This Truth Never Fails not only included in the Best Buddhist Writing, but included as the lead off essay…

Mr McLeod writes of our contributions, “On the gradual path we don’t claim perfection. We just do our best and accept our foibles with humor and love. So we have honest, wry, heartfelt stories of life and practice such as David Rynick’s This Truth Never Fails, and James Ishmael Ford’s If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break.”

Yes, no perfection.


Life can be hard. And so often is.

There are terrible things.

Never to be ignored.


And, at the very same time.

Life can indeed be delicious…

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