When Heaven is Someplace Beyond the Heart, and When it is Within the Heart

When heaven is someplace out there it becomes whatever you want it to be.

But, there is something else we can do, another direction to travel.

The other day I was at a Unitarian Universalist clergy event. At some point we were invited to turn to someone and pronounce a blessing upon that person. It’s what we do these days.

My companion wishes me good things.

I wished him the deep.

Perhaps not the kindest of wishes, but I meant it.

Quit chasing after baubles…

Turn the light within.

Take the backward turn.

You will find hell there.

No doubt.

But, persist, and you will find heaven.

But, don’t stop there, either…

Keep going.

Beyond hell and heaven.

Through joy.

Through sorrow.

To the deep.

Wonders abide within the deep…

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