Is the World’s Greatest Chef a Zen Buddhist Nun?

Is the World’s Greatest Chef a Zen Buddhist Nun? March 15, 2017

Jeong Kwan
A lot of people sure seem to think so.

Jeong Kwan is a Zen Buddhist nun who lives at the Chunjinam hermitage attached to the Baekyangsa temple, some hundred and seventy miles south of Seoul.

Celebrity chef Eric Ripert is generally credited with bringing the world’s attention to the modest nun with an extraordinary talent. But, in fact, she has been whispered about for quite a while.

There’s a lovely article at the New York Times, although there is that pesky paywall. If you don’t subscribe and have exceeded your allowed monthly visits, there is no need to despair. There are a number of good articles about her floating around. For instance, this one. And here she’s interviewed for the Korea Times. For a more leisurely read, you might go here. And, as they say the proof of the pudding. So, here’s her recipe for what Michelin magazine calls the most delicate seaweed you can imagine.

And then there are the videos…

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