The Blustery, Angry Duck is Born. Happy birthday, Donald!

Donald Duck
It was on this day, the 9th of June, in 1934 that Donald Duck made his premiere with the toon the Wise Little Hen.

I understand we don’t get the more fully developed short tempered duck until later in the year with Orphan’s Benefit.

Mental Floss offers some tidbits, including the assertion of an alternative birthday. I don’t care. I’m sticking with today.

I’ve been unable to find the actual origin, I’m sure it must be a marketing scheme by the Disney cartel, but there is a general consensus today is Donald Duck Day. And it is observed in any number of ways. That first and foremost is a visit to a Disney theme park takes us back to the Disney cartel plot, but, there are other fun things, as well. Such as learning a little of the odd and true facts about the Duck. For instance, Weird Holiday offers some interesting “facts.”

Donald Duck has appeared in seven animated features (more than Mickey Mouse).

Donald Duck starred in a World War II propaganda cartoon called Der Feuhrer’s Face (originally titled Donald Duck in Nutzi Land) which won an Academy Award in 1943.

Donald Duck has his webbed feet prints in the forecourt of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. On the same theme, Donald Duck has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Donald Duck is the official mascot of the University of Oregon.

It is rumored that Mickey Mouse was created to represent who we should be, while Donald Duck was created to represent who we are.

From 1934 to 1983, Clarence Nash was the voice of Donald Duck.

Donald Duck’s license plate number on his red vehicle is 313 (an unlucky number).

Donald Duck lives in a town called Duckburg.

Me, I’m pretty sure it is just a coincidence that Johnny Depp was born on the same day twenty-nine years later. Hints of a conspiracy aside, a happy 83rd birthday to the blustery, angry duck.

So, may each of us, in our own way, celebrate this holiday.

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