Zen Manga: A Selection of Comic Book Zen

Zen Manga: A Selection of Comic Book Zen September 5, 2018


The good folk at the Sotoshu (the official Japanese denomination of Soto Zen Buddhists) have been developing a very good web presence. For instance this delightful collection of manga containing comic book versions of the life of Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, Bodhidharma, the mythic founder of Zen in China, Dogen, who brought Soto to Japan and became one of the great theoretical writers of Zen’s core teachings, and Keizan, often called the “second” founder of Soto Zen in Japan, who reached out to the people and set in motion the spread of Soto throughout Japan.

“Shakyamuni Buddha” Chapters 1-12

“Bodhidharma” Chapters 1-12

“Story of Dogen Zenji” Chapters 1-5
“Story of Dogen Zenji” Chapters 6-10
“Story of Dogen Zenji” Chapters 11-24

“Keizan Zenji” Chapters 1-12

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