What is Ganhwa Seon? Reprinted from the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’s webpage. Preface Invitation to Ganhwa Seon PART 1: The Stage of basic Chapter 1: Patriarchal Seon and its historical development The Meaning and Currents of Patriarchal Seon The History and Tradition of Korean Seon The House Style of Korean Patriarchal Seon Chapter 2: An outline of Ganhwa Seon What is Ganhwa Seon? The Characteristics Ganhwa Seon has as Patriarchal Seon The Reason for the Emphasis in Ganhwa Seon… Read more

    Jan & I have now been “retired” for three years. I use the quotes as we seem to be busier than ever. Jan has been principally focused on social justice work, although she has also been solidly supportive of our Zen project. I have been dedicated to that Zen project, specifically with our starting up of two Zen groups, one here in Long Beach, the other in the OC, in Costa Mesa. Both have been generously hosted by… Read more

      SESSHIN “To Touch the Heart Mind” The Blue Cliff Zen Network announces our next sesshin, a three-day intensive Zen meditation retreat. Our program will feature zazen, liturgy, zazen, talks, zazen, spiritual direction interviews, zazen, meals, zazen, work practice. And some more zazen. The sesshin starts on Thursday evening the 20th of September, 2018, and concludes with lunch on Sunday the 23rd. Our lead teacher will be the Reverend James Myoun Ford. Myoun Osho was a co-founder of Boundless Way… Read more

    I once had conversations with two different people, one right after the other, with both commenting that they tried to be kind in life. What struck me was how as far as I could tell this wasn’t particularly true in either case. I came away with two thoughts. One had to do with our amazing human ability to think the best of ourselves despite all the contradictory evidence. (There is, of course, also that corollary of those who… Read more

        Three rules of thumb for an authentic spiritual life. 1) You need some shut up time. If you’re making noise all the time it is hard to pay attention, hard to notice the lessons and the lesson. 2) You need some regularity. Doing it once might open your heart and eyes. Has happened. But most of us need to return and return and return. 3) You need someone to check you. The brain is a great… Read more

    Blessed are the man and the woman Who have grown beyond their greed And have put an end to their hatred And no longer nourish illusions. But they delight in the way things are And keep their hearts open, day and night. They are like trees planted near flowing rivers, Which bear fruit when they are ready. Their leaves will not fall or wither. Everything they do will succeed. 1st Psalm, adapted by Stephen Mitchell I’ve been thinking… Read more

      An unsigned article at BeliefNet summarizes the issue rather nicely. “The New Testament contains a total of 27 books written by early Christian leaders for other Christian communities and individuals. Of these 27 books, 13 claim to be written by the apostle Paul (although scholars think that some of these 13 are pseudonymous, written by followers of Paul in his name). One other book–the epistle to the Hebrews–was accepted as part of Scripture because early church fathers… Read more

          Someone made a Facebook friend request this morning. We had two “friends” in common, which considering I have almost five thousand Facebook friends (don’t ask how, it just sort of happened), isn’t all that significant. As I am pushing up to my limit I look to see what if anything we actually might have in common. And near the top of his Facebook feed was a meme of something called the “Ten Non-Commandments.” What struck… Read more

      Jan & I spent the past week exploring Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. All along our way we discovered our constant companion was John Muir. A person of multiple parts, he was central in the saving of these areas for posterity. But, he was also a scientist, a forester, a mountaineer, well, the list goes on. But, most important for me was being introduced to his mystical side. John Muir is perhaps the great exemplar of nature… Read more

        As our holiday adventure exploring Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks winds toward its end I found myself recalling something Gary Snyder said about the Parks. Actually over the years he’s said a number of things about the parks. But rummaging around the inter webs I found the line I was thinking of.  It turned out it was his enthusiastic dream world conclusion to his essay “Buddhism & the Coming Revolution,” which was collected in his 1969… Read more

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