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Thank you, Posey! … [Read more...]

Charles Curtis

On this day in 1928 Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as President of the United States. At the same time Charles Curtis became the thirty-first Vice President of the United States.Curtis was the first person with a substantial non European heritage to rise to such political heights, something that would not be equaled until the election of our forty-fourth president.On his mother's side Charles Curtis was almost entirely Native American. He even spent a substantial part of his childhood with his … [Read more...]

The Authoritative Port

Yesterday Jan & I had a very leisurely time, featuring a few hours at the Jewish Museum (what an unmitigated treat. highly recommend it to anyone Jewish or not...) and an evening at a preview of the latest Broadway revival of West Side Story. Great dancing, great, of course, music, still working some kinks out before they "officially" begin later this month... Oh, we ate a lot, too...I write this from a very precarious piggy back on somebody's internet access in the bowels of the Port … [Read more...]

Hold That New York Thought

Well we arrived at the Port Authority about forty five minutes before our bus was scheduled to depart only to learn that all bus service to Providence today has been cancelled.We briefly thought of trying to catch a train or rent a car. But the overwhelmingness of it in the midst of the storm that has brought down the East Coast became too much to bear & instead we called the hotel up and rebooked our room, called our respective offices and cancelled appointments for tomorrow.Jan is, even as … [Read more...]

Last Morning in the City

Yesterday we did the major tourist thing and did two, count 'em, two hop on hop off rides, one through upper Manhattan and one through lower Manhattan. Took most of the day.We also made it to Lion's Gate Yarn.So much to see. So much to do...But time and money...And we decided to take in a movie. It is a sad comment we have to leave town to go to a movie, but that has been much of our experience in recent years... We saw Slumdog Millionaire. Perhaps a bit too much of a fantasy for my tastes … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning in New York

Yesterday continued lovely. Weather continued to cooperate. And while I have an uncooperative toe (always interesting how something so small can be so essential...) we still did some good walking. (and thank goodness for a taxi when you just gotta have one...)Turned out the Lion's Gate Yarn shop was closed. However we walked through the Hell's Kitchen flea market & I am now the happy possessor of two new wrist malas (small Buddhist rosaries), one wooden carved skulls (a favorite theme) and … [Read more...]

Hicks in the City

The balance of the day yesterday was exploring our New York neighborhood.For any number of years our visits have always had us sleeping at the Riverside Towers on the upper West Side. A good location, three blocks from Zabars. But I swear if they have a motto it would have to be "guaranteed, no rats." Talk about bare bones...Now we're at the Washington Jefferson on 51st, just off 8th Ave., at the edge of the Theatre District. I think technically we're in Hell's Kitchen.yesterday after walking … [Read more...]

On the Bus, and Here

A pleasant ride on Peter Pan...We paid an extra five bucks each to get "priority boarding," but in fact the boarding was easy.Still... After the driver announced priority boarding tickets, an older man handed him his print out, looked just like ours except it didn't say priority. The driver took pity on his apparent confusion and let him board. Then the man right beside me pushed forward waving his e-ticket and said if you're letting him on now, "you're letting me on," pushed the printout at the … [Read more...]

New York State of Mind

Jan & I are off to Manhattan.Except for a lovely weekend at Tanglewood this past August, we've not had time "off" in about a year, a little more. And, boy, are we looking forward to this time to be together and fool around in museums, walks around town and taking in a play or two.Sadly I see the weather promising rain and snow over the weekend. But I suspect we'll do fine.As native Californians transplanted to New England, it was a bit of a shock to learn that when people spoke of the City … [Read more...]

John Tarrant on Sudden Awakening

Here is a lovely article by the Western Zen master John Tarrant.If you don't have time to read the whole thing, although I hope you will, here are some points he holds up for your consideration...1. Buddha’s Story Is What’s Happening To You Now. The journey of the Buddha isn’t a literal journey that happened long ago. And it’s not what your life will become. It’s here now, and paying attention helps you to notice that. If you look into the life you have, your looking will lead you into a new life … [Read more...]