The Quest

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.T. S. Eliot in Little Gidding … [Read more...]

All Beethoven, all the time…

‘Twas time to put the paint brushes down and drive to far Western Massachusetts for our every year hit of rustic high culture. Old friends Sue & ‘Ar have a cabin (New Englanders appear to prefer the word “camp”) outside the tiny town of Otis and invite various friends at various times over the warm season to share their beautiful get away. We belong to a little band of six (the number of beds available, and includes Jackie and Judy) who come, in our case for an annual Tanglewood adventure.We … [Read more...]

Music of the Spheres

Well, it looks like our family moving into Pawtucket project is not going to end at any time soon.But, we're not upset...No, sir!We're putting down the paint and are off to our annual Tanglewood weekend with some old and dear friends.We'll bring the laptop, but probably will not be near any web access 'till late Sunday... … [Read more...]

Ray Bradbury

In my youth as I devoured science fiction my tastes ran to what in those days was called "hard" science fiction, written by people with engineering backgrounds, or if not certainly who should have...But one author I found as I explored the range of the genre who didn't convey that particular and frankly limiting sensibility was Ray Bradbury.Bradbury was the first author I encountered who might be termed "writerly." His love of language and use of it immediately caught me and my imagination...As … [Read more...]

Quick words on Belief

My old friend the Dharma bum who blogs (sadly, only as the whim strikes, and that appears to happen rarely) as Weasel Tracks puts it all on the line & reveals for us the great way:Question: Do you believe in God?Answer: No.Question: So, you are an atheist!Answer: No.Question: Then what do you believe in?Answer: As little as possible.If you want to understand Zen, my friends, Uncle Weasel has opened his mouth and revealed not only his innards, but the whole glorious mess...Good luck on your … [Read more...]

A footnote on my links

I've decided to considerably shorten my links, particularly the section linking to UU blogs. I felt a little bad, particularly deleting links to friend's blogs. But, the aggregator links are so good it really is duplicating and I fear the long list I had was too daunting for folk to actually use. So, the links now are just the ones I actually go to frequently...I've kept most of the Zen and Buddhist links as there is no similar aggregator for them, at least so far as I know... … [Read more...]

Why Spiritual Community

I think lots about this.I know one reason I began looking beyond the bounds of my Zen practice was how I felt there really wasn't much worthy of the term "community" within the Zen groups I had access to.The question was what, if anything, to do about it...For ages I had been aware of Unitarian Universalism. I'd even visited a few congregations over the years. But they seemed to be weak on spirituality, at least as I understood that term.But eventually need drove me and I started attending … [Read more...]

Stephanie Tubbs Jones

One of the good ones. She will be missed... … [Read more...]

The Art of Blogging

Steve Dublanica, probably my favorite non-spiritual (that's an interesting phrase, isn't it?) blogger has just posted a reflection on the differences between blogging and writing a book.In that post, he gives some interesting definitions of what a blog might me.A blog is defined by the hive mind over at Wikipedia as “a website usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly d … [Read more...]

Secrets of Love

According to Wikipedia the oldest known temple devoted to the Roman deity Venus was established on this day in 293 b.c.e. Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.Her story and that of the Greek Aphrodite are now completely intertwined. As a Unitarian Universalist I am sympathetic to this syncretistic inclination, and would throw in all goddesses of love, including my favorites Mary and Guanyin.And I suggest today as an appropriate moment to stop and contemplate this most amazing of h … [Read more...]