Brad Warner at his blog posts a standup sending up religion.Pretty funny. Even a real point, if perhaps not the strongest of ’em.Made me think of Eddie Izzard, who also takes on religion in interesting ways…And to even things up… Read more

It has been two years since the subject of revisiting our church’s covenant was raised. This year the Prudential Committee charged a committee to gather the views of our congregation. The results of that project were handed off to a writer’s group. The group was charged to distill the collective wisdom found both in the gathered reflections and in the historical covenants of the church.A draft was presented to the congregation on Sunday the 11th of April at Worship. Immediately… Read more

William Wordsworth and his sister took a walk on this day in 1802.When he returned home, he penned this… Read more

For me the signal moment in the miracle of Helen Keller’s astonishing life journey takes place years before she is born.Of course there are several. For instance this marker could be when Dr Samuel Gridley Howe decided he could teach a deafblind person, finds Laura Bridgman in the far northern reaches of New Hampshire, and for the first time in history, does. It could be Charles Dickens’ account of meeting Laura Bridgman, which will be read by Helen Keller’s mother,… Read more

On Sunday after worship as I was making my way to my office to change for the congregational meeting about our draft covenant, one of our leaders came up to me and said there was a young woman in the “newcomer’s cafe” who was weeping. She said she was a Polish national.I changed direction and went into the parlor we reserve as a bit less busy spot for newcomers on Sundays.We spoke a bit then walked to my office.She’s an… Read more

It’s been a week and a day since I tumbled into the depths of flu-life.After a nasty, nasty twenty two or three hours, I thought I was well. But in fact I went through a couple of relapses. The week has been on the yuck side…Including yesterday afternoon and into the evening and to a very early to bed.But today, while a bit shaky, I think the world is much better. At least my little corner of it.Now I need… Read more

THE ART OF THE DEALThe Work of Articulating a Congregational CovenantJames Ishmael Ford11 April 2010A Sermon delivered at theFirst Unitarian Church ofProvidence, Rhode IslandTextWe the members of the First Unitarian Church of Providence with respect for the worth and dignity of each person, with wonder at the light we know by many names and with gratitude for our deep connection, covenant to walk together in our search for truth, seeking the paths of compassion and justice. One consequence in that… Read more

Thank goodness Mr Beck is here to put the record straight…, old news. But, heck. Glenn thinks its important.And, you know, so do I.May the president never forget the lessons he learned at his grandmother’s knees…Thank you, Valerie, for the pointer! Read more

The rite of Communion has been celebrated at the First Unitarian Church of Providence since the community first gathered in 1720.Here are three photos from Maundy Thursday, 2010. Our community minister and a visiting clergyman from another denomination co-celebrated. We were supported by six of our Deacons and there were about thirty congregants in attendance. Read more

In many East Asian cultures this is the time to mark the birth of the Buddha.Gradually we in the West will figure out our own best ways of doing it.Here’s how they do it at a Zen center in Victoria, B.C…I really like the pinata. And I love the cupcakes. I think they’re moving in some sort of right direction…Again, happy birthday, baby Buddha! Read more

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