Why We Need to Vote

Why we vote in our republic can be complex, no doubt.Thanks, once again, Danny! … [Read more...]

Grace and Works

Today is the four hundred ninety first anniversary of that disgruntled Augustinian friar nailing his ninety-five theses to the the door of Wittenberg's Castle Church. Those who like to nail down dates like to mark this as the dawn of the Protestant Reformation.Having a monkey mind this immediately fired an old memory of a joke. I rummaged around the web to find a coherent version and stumbled upon this rather nice one.A mild-mannered, beige-wearing pastor comes to the end of his days on Earth. … [Read more...]

New Blog by a Zen Master

I'm pleased to see my friend and colleague, David Rynick has entered the blogosphere.He is a wise person, and a skillful Zen teacher.I suggest well worth checking in with from time to time... … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, John

John Adams was born on this day in 1735. … [Read more...]

Where There are Humans

Where there are humansYou'll find flies,and BuddhasKobayashi Issa(translated by Lucien Stryk & Takashi Ikemoto)Thank you, Erik! … [Read more...]

Simple Faith

Mustard's Retreatthank you, Elizabeth … [Read more...]

Thank You

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice.Meister Eckhart … [Read more...]

Tony Hillerman Dies

I've just learned that Tony Hillerman, one of my favorite authors died today. And with him some old friends, Jim Chee & Joe Leaphorn. I'll miss 'em all...Acclaimed author Tony Hillerman dies at 83By AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writer Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press Writer Mon Oct 27, 7:03 am ET PHOENIX – Tony Hillerman, author of the acclaimed Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels and creator of two of the unlikeliest of literary heroes — Navajo police officers Joe Leaphorn and Jim Ch … [Read more...]

In this Sign, Conquer

Tradition gives this as the day that Constantine had his famous vision of a heavenly cross and the divine words "In this sign, Conquer." The following battle led directly to the consolidation of the Empire under his singular control. It would also play a significant role in the evolution of the dominant form of Christian faith.As we roll headlong toward our national election not a bad time to pause, if briefly, and think about the connections between church and state.In fact with only a couple … [Read more...]

WRITTEN ON OUR HEARTS: A Religious Liberal in Quest of a Natural Moral Law

WRITTEN ON OUR HEARTS A Religious Liberal in Quest of a Natural Moral Law A Sermon26 October 2008James Ishmael FordFirst Unitarian Church of ProvidenceText They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, to which their own conscience also bears witness; and their conflicting thoughts will accuse or perhaps excuse them.Paul’s Letter to the Romans 2:15Today I want to reflect on natural law. A dangerous proposition, of course, particularly if you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong … [Read more...]