Goodbye, Rumpole!

Over the years my favorite television has always been, hands down, Public Television's British imports.Among the favorite of my favorites was Rumpole of the Bailey.While we lost his face with Leo McKern some time ago, now we've lost Rumpole's heart and mind...John Mortimer(1923 - 2009) … [Read more...]

Pray In at the State House

A snap from the Interfaith Coalition prayers for the new legislators (and a gentle call to not forget the poor...) at Rhode Island's state house on the 6th of January. If you look close that's me at the upper far right (not my usual location) of the picture. If I'm not mistaken right in front of me in the picture is UU minister Mary Margaret Earl. … [Read more...]

Time to Mark our Right to Freedom of (and from) Religion & Why

If you do not believe the religious teachings of the majorities in our country, today is your day.May I suggest if you are among the religious majorities of our country, this is also your day.And, it wouldn't hurt to stop and say a brief thank you to the shade of Thomas Jefferson. By his instruction Jefferson's tombstone omits reference to his presidency, but mentions instead how he founded the University of Virginia as well as his authorship of the Declaration of Independence and Virginia's … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr’s Last Speech

Happy Birthday, Martin.And thank you... … [Read more...]

The Forty Four Presidents

Thank you, Carol! … [Read more...]

Ricardo Montalban Sure Could Dance

Ricardo Montalban(1920 - 2009)Cyd Charisse at no extra charge... … [Read more...]

Communion in Unitarian Universalist Congregations

One of the intriguing things about my new call to the First Unitarian Church of Providence is the tradition of communion services. To those who ask about it, a common response here is we've always had communion services, why do you ask? And they have, for pushing hard on three hundred years...Truthfully, communion 'tis an endlessly interesting subject to me.Way back when, when I was getting my undergraduate degree, in my late-thirties and rushing, rushing after what I saw as nothing more than a … [Read more...]

The Beamish boy dies…

I see that on this day in 1898 the world lost Charles Dodgson, better known to most of us as Lewis Carroll. An old friend and mentor once observed in my presence how language is like silly putty, it is meant to be played with.And Carroll, better than almost anyone, showed us how...oh Frabjous day! … [Read more...]

Galileo and his wonderful telescope

On this day in 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered and named Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter's moons...Pretty cool... … [Read more...]

Bishop Robinson at Barack Obama’s Inauguration

works for me... … [Read more...]