Happy Birthday, Bob!

Bob Hope

Leslie Townes Hope, better known to my parents and my generation as Bob Hope would have been one hundred and twelve today. … [Read more...]

A Chanted Diamond Sutra

The Diamond Sutra is one of the two most popular of the Prajnaparamita Sutra cycle, Mahayana Buddhist spiritual texts particularly associated with the Zen way. It has been said reading or hearing this text has the beneficial effect of opening hearts and minds to the workings of the world and our human hearts. … [Read more...]

Getting Started: A Tiny Meditation on How Things Begin (and with that, How they End…)

pilgrim seeing through

As someone interested in the history of religions, I've observed how they often have multiple points of origin. So, for instance the Unitarian movement in North America might be said to have started when William Ellery Channing preached his famous "Baltimore sermon," or, it could be said to have begun when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared members of the parish who supported the church through taxes had the right to name the minister over those who were actually attenders at the … [Read more...]

Finding the True Word: An Early Morning Reverie

witch hanging

Alse Young was hung in Windsor, Connecticut, on this day in 1647, becoming the first person in the American colonies to die convicted of witchcraft. (Some scholars suspect Alice Young Beamon, who some thirty years later in Springfield, Massachusetts, was also tried for witchcraft may have been her daughter. Unlike Young, Beamon successfully defended herself against the charges...)We can go in any number of directions with this tidbit of information. For me today is a day to start by … [Read more...]

A Peek at Long Beach

Long Beach 2

Yesterday Jan & I were up for almost twenty-four hours in the madness of moving Jan & Helen the cat to our new home in Long Beach. I'll remain here for a few days before returning East as we try to get a few things together in advance of the final full family move following services at the First Unitarian Church of Providence on the 14th of June.We may have been up for twenty-four hours, but nonetheless I find myself up very early for California time.All too exciting, I guess... … [Read more...]

Ezra Bayda on True Contentment

Ezra Bayda

TEN GUIDELINES TO TRUE CONTENTMENTEzra Bayda Zen Center of San DiegoEveryone wants to be happy, but rarely do simple formulas for happiness really help. To be genuinely happy—not just the superficial happiness that comes when things are going well—we must learn how to be fundamentally okay with our life just as it is. This is not so easy, but there are some specific guidelines that definitely can help. Here are ten that many have found helpful.· Examine your entitlements. Take some … [Read more...]

World Turtle Day


It is World Turtle Day!Okay, I'm not exactly sure what to do, beyond hugging a turtle. But, fortunately, others do. Here are some hints at other opportunities that might prove more useful... … [Read more...]

THOSE DAMNED LEARNING MOMENTS Some Rules of Engagement in Discussing Matters of Race & Other Matters of Inequality in Our Culture

Be the Change

We had an event at our church in which a series of jokes were presented. The format in which they were presented was in the "Yo Mama" structure. When I first heard the phrase "Yo Mama," I started. But then as the jokes were presented I relaxed as they were gentle, actually funny, and aimed totally at my community, who generally are considered a privileged lot. I settled into it.And then I posted them publicly.I noticed the comments seemed all to be from white folk, who pretty much all … [Read more...]

And A Glorious Harvey Milk Day to You!

Harvey Milk Day

American politician, San Francisco City Supervisor, and civil rights activist, Harvey Milk was born on this day in 1930. He would have been eighty-five today, but in 1978 he was assassinated together with Mayor George Moscone. The reasons were complicated, and the presenting issue was how the murderer had resigned his position as a Supervisor and realized Harvey and George had blocked his attempt at returning. But in fact the driving reason at the heart of all the others, was as simple as … [Read more...]

Happy B’Day, Fats!

Fats Waller

Thomas Wright Waller, better known to most of us as "Fats" Waller, was born on this day in 1904. … [Read more...]