Avoiding the Laundry

Well, I should be folding laundry. There’s one pile on the chair – the chair nicknamed “the thinking chair” after the one in Blue’s Clues – one pile on the far end of the sofa, and a final stack in the laundry basket at the base of the sofa. In theory, I like to get the laundry folded before it has a chance to compress and set-in the wrinkles. In reality, that probably won’t happen today. It’s not too big a deal. Most of the laundry is sheets, towels, and kids’ clothes. Sheets will be flat when they’re on the bed, towels will be folded eventually and then will be stuck in the closet, and my kids don’t really go anywhere so it doesn’t matter if their clothes are a bit wrinkled. If there’s anything in there that needs to be presentable, I usually pull it out right away.

In the early days of marriage, I used to iron everything. I’d iron my hubby’s work shirts and even his t-shirts. Now everything is wash and wear. I will iron anything that needs a touchup before the Friday prayer. Can’t have my husband looking scruffy on Yaum al-Jumuah.

Okay, now I have to go. The kids are getting ready to play “laundry mountain” so I’m going to be mean and deprive them of their playing field.

Fi Aman Allah,


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