Making my son clean up after dinner

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. It’s past nine, the kids should be in bed, but I let them stay up late so they could be up when Daddy got home. He doesn’t usually work this late so I held dinner too late, I think . Ah, well, everyone is fed and Abdel Hamid is cleaning the table. The dining room is his responsibility, from table to floor. He has to clean the table, clear it, put away food, and sweep or vaccum as necessary. Every kid should have responsibilities.

Don’t want to take too long. I have to get the kids in bed after they blow off some steam. DH is watching some inspirational football movie with The Rock while holding the baby. Today was not a day worth writing much about. I must be suffering from PMDD… I was viciously angry all day at nothing, down in the dumps, not able to focus or accomplish anything. Just as well hubby wasn’t home. I was able to keep the kids busy and get away with doing as little as possible. Some days are just like that.

Have to go, baby is getting restless. Might be another long night on the couch trying to keep her asleep, sigh.

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