Holiday Weekend Over, Business as Usual

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

It’s Tuesday morning and I’ve got most of a cup of coffee in me. Kids are fed, except Abdel Hamid. He can do the honors himself; today is a cereal day. The baby is at my feet. In her usual fashion, the moment I start typing she starts fussing, as if I haven’t been holding her half the morning already. Yusef and Yasin are squabbling over cartoons. Yasin is sick. His fever has really knocked him down, poor guy. I’m out of the liquid ibuprofin and have been fighting to get him to take the chewable tablets. I finally ground them up and put them in his soymilk. First thing to do when hubby gets back from the auction is to run to the store and stock up on medicine for the next round of whatever illness is coming down the pike.

Abdel Hamid spent all day yesterday playing with the neighborhood kids. He’s exhausted still. I woke him up but he fell asleep on the couch just now. I’ll be easy on him today. I have to have him tested soon for grade level. I think the only thing he is lacking to be done with fourth grade stuff is metrics. I have to work on the metric and Imperial systems with him so he has them thoroughly learned.

My father-in-law is doing okay. His status is up and down. He has started with his evaluations for therapy after his stroke. So much running back and forth. Taking care of him in the house is easy, but coordinating his doctor appointments requires a lot of work, shuffling of my husband’s schedule. Alhamdulillah, since we work for ourselves we can change at short notice.

No deep thoughts today. While drinking my coffee, I’ve been reading the news, listening with half an ear to MSNBC. No huge news stories today. Which is good, because to be “huge” a news story has to be pretty tragic. If not, they manufacture a tragedy – swine flu, anyone?

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