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I spend a fair amount of time toodling around online.  I’m always looking for good websites.  Mostly I’m looking for Islamic stuff, but sometimes I do get distracted by websites featuring adorable cats or political cartoons….

I had been to one site,, several times in the past, and had looked over their Q&A; companion site, formerly known as and now known as  It is not a fatwa site; instead it is a site where normal everyday people can write in about their normal and not-so-normal everyday problems.  The site editors post and answer the questions, and anyone else is free to comment as well.  It is a very helpful site.  The advice is compassionate and honest, and as much as anything, it lets someone in need know that he or she is being heard.

I answer a lot of questions on Yahoo answers, so I decided to answer some of the questions on this site, too. I was invited to become a contributor by the site owner, and now I am in the process of settling in and making this my home online for reaching out to people.  I am amazed at the different questions, and it reminds me how sorely in need of education and support the Ummah is.  I pray that I can always answer with a mix of honesty and compassion and that I can be of help to my brothers and sisters in Islam, and to non-Muslim visitors of the site as well.

I’m an old married lady, having passed my tenth anniversary last year, but I still like to read the articles on and benefit from the perspectives of different people.  I’ve already learned a lot by using the site and look forward to writing there and adding my voice to the mix.

If you have a question about Islam, feel free to write.  If you need a fatwa, we’ll inshAllah direct you to the right site.  If you need someone to listen, someone to tell you you’re not crazy, someone to help you perhaps see an issue more clearly, then we’ll be happy to listen and offer advice.  In this day and age when Muslims are scattered across the globe, often far from families or others of their faith, it’s important to have this resource so you remember that you are not alone in the world.  Your brothers and sisters are here to support you.


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