Links to Beneficial Websites

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Here are some links to beneficial websites.  They are my “favorite few” to which I tend to recommend everyone.  There is so much information that you can spend a lot of time here, so I don’t want to overwhelm you with tons of websites: – this pops up in Arabic, but there is a drop down for other languages for you to select.  There is a flash player here to show you how to make the wudu’ (ablution before prayer)  and how to pray. – fatwa site. – site for memorizing the Holy Qur’an.  You can go one verse at a time, repeating as much as you want, and also choose from several different reciters to suit your “style”. – Islamic advice website affiliated w/  If you have an issue you want to ask about, you can submit questions here.

I will pass on more useful links as I find them.  You are welcome to comment with your own links, which I will be most happy to check out.

Fi Aman Allah,


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