Okay, let me get off my duff and go do some housework

Salaam Alaikum and hello all.

I’ve spent much of the morning online, tidying up my e-mail addresses and my FB account, checking in at Help People Island on Second Life.  Right now I’m just about done with my computer work for the morning.  My computerized Adhan is telling me that it is time for the zhur prayer, so inshAllah as soon as I’m done here I’ll nip off to make wudu’ and then go pray.  There is a cute grey squirrel on my balcony enjoying a late breakfast of stale multi-grain bread.  The weather is grey but not nasty, and the kids are not fighting.  All in all, a good morning.

I  have been becoming so busy lately.  In addition to my duties as wife and mommy, I have started a radio show at Blogtalkradio.  I had ONE successful half-hour episode after dealing with technical issues.  Skype, are you listening, Skype?  The program is titled “Learning Islam with Sister Noorah”.  I currently have only one broadcast a week scheduled, but I have so much to talk about that I might do several programs a week.  Depends on if I can bring in the listeners.  I’m busy promoting the program and telling all my friends, contacts, and just about anyone else.  Might mention it to the lady in the checkout stand at the grocery store later….

In addition to that, I am writing for Islamicanswers.com now.  It is a very challenging task, because people write in with all manner of questions and problems.  It can make you cry to see the situations some people allow themselves to get caught in.  Truly, living an Islamic life saves you from SO many problems because you have a structure around which to live your life.  I pray that I can always counsel people with the truth and compassion their questions deserve.  I remember how misguided was before Allah guided me to Islam.

So, Second Life, Islamicanswers.com, Blogtalkradio.  It keeps me very busy, but I’m also trying to stay balanced, to get the cooking and laundry done, to make time to read Qur’an (which I did last night instead of watching the new program “Human Target” on Fox, yeah me!) and to further my education.  I am starting to take some of the free classes available from the Islamiconlineuniversity.com.  They have an accredited degree program, but until I have some rizq coming in I’ll have to stick w/ the free stuff.

I am intending, inshAllah, to begin tutoring ladies in English as a Second Language.  All things in due time; I hope to be able to start this in the spring.  InshAllah this will provide me with some of the money to continue to do all I want to do fi sabil Allah.

Did I mention that my husband is VERY supportive of all my hobbies, tasks, and projects?  It’s near impossible for a person to thrive if his or her spouse is not supportive.  I don’t take his support for granted and I know it really is a blessing.  He has a lot of good ideas, too, for the radio show and other stuff.  I think he envisions me giving Rush Limbaugh a run for his money, lol.

Okay, now reality is intruding in its usual rude manner.  My youngest son is VERY good at informing me when his sister is in need of a diaper change, and he has just sounded the alert.  I must go attend to this duty and then get busy with all my other chores.  Anyone wanna help fold the towels?  🙂

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