From Snowmageddon to Snoverblown

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah and hello!  It’s Wednesday night.  At least I think it is.  It’s easy to lose track of time and date when you’re snowed in.  One day seems much like another.  We got about five or six inches over the foot-and-a-half from the previous storm.  Still waiting for the snowplow to make the rounds.
It’s been not too bad.  Hubby is home, keeping busy with some stuff.  I am organizing our – yuk – tax paperwork.  The kids are having space battles.  Finally everyone pooped out.  I’m off to bed shortly.
I was supposed to start writing for, but all my wonderful ideas are on the shelf til I can get out of my neighborhood and visit some folks.  Charity groups, Muslim stores, chaplains… all on my list and all inaccessible.  Yeah, I could do it all over the phone, but I need pictures as well, so I have to just try to be patient.  Meanwhile, I sit here with fourteen different story ideas bouncing around in my head.
Didn’t enter Second Life at all today.  I try not to be on the computer too much when my husband is home.  It strikes me as kinda dismissive to say “Nice to have you here honey, will you excuse me for the next four hours?”  I didn’t do too much work today.  Haven’t been sleeping well so I vegged out in between tours of duty in the kitchen feeding the ever-hungry brood.
I may schedule a radio show for tomorrow, depends on how I feel in the AM.  I for sure need to write, go to Islamicanswers and see some questions.  SubhanAllah, people are so much in need of help.  I think why I feel the radio show is important is that I’m praying I can catch some people BEFORE they screw their lives up too badly.  InshAllah of those who listen, some will heed my advice.  Ya Rabb!
Time to go pray ishaa’, ask Allah to help those who are in need, thank Allah for the safe delivery of a friend’s baby, and then go to bed.  I think I’ll be asleep about five minutes after my head hits the pillow, inshAllah.  Would like to think I’ll stay awake after fajr but that rarely happens, especially since there is no school tomorrow so I don’t have to set the second alarm.  Today was nice because I let the others wake up before me and just lay in the bed an extra twenty minutes.  That probably won’t happen two days in a row.
G’night all.  Remember to thank Allah for bringing you through another day.  
Fi Aman Allah,


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  • Nancy Shehata

    Alhamdulillah, Adam. Some days are better balanced than others. I don't have the cleanest house in the world, that's for sure :). I do have a VERY supportive husband, and I don't try to do everything every day. Some days are nice meals and lots of leisure; others are cleaning the bathroom and frantically running around looking for matched socks. Allah helps me manage my time because I take time for prayer, and it helps me reset if I'm getting a bit out of sorts and disorganized.

  • Adam Sakri

    I really envy you.Where did you get all the time to do so many things in one day?