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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.  In conjunction with my radio show,, I am posting some links that will help people learn about Islam.  From the absolute beginner, to the lifelong Muslim, all can benefit from these websites:

I read these books, now available online in .pdf form, before I was Muslim.  They present the beliefs of Islam clearly and in a readable manner:

Islam in Focus:
Towards Understanding Islam:  – Excellent comprehensive site.  Includes, well, just about everything! – This site has audio lectures, a section just for ladies, many different Qur’an recitors.  It also has a flash player to show how to make the ablution for prayer, how to pray, and how to learn to read the Arabic alphabet. – This is the flash presentation at to show how to learn the prayers. – This is a Qur’an memorization site.  You can choose from several different recitors.  Qur’an in Arabic with translations in many languages.  You can select each verse to repeat as many times as you need until you have memorized it.  It also has color coded tajweed rules for more advanced students. – This is a comprehensive Islamic fatwa site.  People submit questions and the staff answers.  I like this site because there are new questions every day, and they give detailed answers with support from the Qur’an and Sunnah.  You can search the site using keywords if you need an answer to a particular question.  The site is available in many languages, including French, Spanish, English, Russian, Turkish, and more. – This is a site where I am a contributor and editor.  It offers everyone the opportunity to write in with any problem that needs an Islamic answer.  It is not a fatwa site, but strives to offer correct and compassionate answers to issues that come up in the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims. – This is a virtual world, not specifically Muslim, but there are two Muslim locations there for da’wah and education.  They are Islamonline, which offers a virtual Hajj, and Ummah of Noor. 

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