Wednesday With a Sick Kid

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

My five year old is home sick from school today.  He’s so upset to be missing class.  I guess he got a back to school virus.  Tylenol is doing the job for now, which is great, because his fever was 104.5 last night.  Anytime it’s that high you get a little nervous.

Yesterday was an okay day but I had a rough spot.  After doing some work and baking pita bread, separating up the cooked fuul into ziploc bags to freeze, I got in the car with Zaid to take the babysitter home.  I had the radio on, so I knew there was a big wreck on the highway.  A big rig had caught fire, pulled off to the verge, then had set the trees on fire.  Highway shut down, miles of backup.  Big hullaballoo.  But I’m not on the highway, and I’m going the opposite direction.  But  when I tried to go back home, I realized the road I’d come up on, my only route back to my house, was the main bailout road for the highway commuters.  It was impossible to make any progress.  After fruitlessly trying to find an alternate route, I gave up and went back to my babysitter’s house to call my husband and let him know I’d be delayed.  Spent a pleasant hour or so chatting and finally made it home after the roads cleared.

I had planned to make pot roast but by the time I got home it was less than an hour til iftaar.  Well, let’s see…. fuul, ta’amayah, fresh bread… check.  I quickly heated the fuul, cooked the ta’amayah, scrambled some eggs, sliced some cheese and pickles, warmed the bread, and managed to put together a good filling meal in about forty-five minutes.  I hadn’t made fuul for a while so it was a treat, too.  All’s well that ends well, alhamdulillah.

Now I have the whole day ahead of me and I’m not sure what to do.  I know laundry has to be done, and keeping an eye on the sick kid and trying to make sure the others stay away from him and don’t drink from his cup.  I’m not going to put too much on the agenda so I can watch him.  Kushari for dinner, perhaps, that’s quick.

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