Does Islam Oppress Women? (Spoiler: No)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulPeace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah and His BlessingsOkay, so I'm trying to do a series on common misconceptions in Islam.  I don't want to write another dry, scholarly article, because you'll be bored and your eyes will roll up into the back of your head and you won't be able to finish reading it.  Today's post will be a video!  I did a live Facebook stream and saved it over to YouTube, so even if you aren't my Facebook friend or yo … [Read more...]

Catching up on things before the Super Bowl

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulPeace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings Good morning everyone!  It is a cold but decent Saturday morning here in the 'Burg.  The sun shines intermittently between the clouds, the dirty frosty remains of Snowzilla are gone from all but the shadiest corners of the neighborhood, the boys are off to Saturday Islamic school, and I sit here with my half-consumed cup of coffee.  The two smaller kids are home with me.  One is doi … [Read more...]

Convert or Die! – Not a Muslim Thing

So, one of the big issues for non-Muslims is that they think that we Muslims will convert non-Muslims by force.  "Islam was spread by the sword" is a common mistaken belief.  Here's a real quote:"There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut (false idols and all sorts of disbelief) and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and K … [Read more...]

Is the God of the Muslims a moon god? (Spoiler: No)


That Arabic thingy up there says "As Salaamu Alaikum", which means "Peace be upon you".  Don't want anyone to be scared after that really weird situation in Virginia. Okay, the first and biggest misconception about Islam is about the nature of Allah, God. Many non-Muslims think that our God is a different God from theirs.  Online trolls have tried to get people to believe that Allah is a "moon god" particular to the Arabs.  Honestly, the second you see someone try to push this bit of mi … [Read more...]

Hot Button Issues in Islam – What’s the Truth?

As Salaamu Alaikum (peace be upon you) and howdy all. Since Islam is front and center in the news nowadays, I thought I would touch on some of the hot-button issues and misconceptions that people have about Islam.  I'm going to make a list here, then break it down one issue at a time.  This set of posts will be helpful to non-Muslims, but hopefully helpful to my brothers and sisters in Islam as well.  Seriously, if you as a Muslim cannot answer when a non-Muslim asks "Does Islam oppress wo … [Read more...]

From Feeling the Heat, To Basking in the Warmth

2015-12-11 20.49.42

On November 17, members of the Islamic Center of Fredericksburg held a public meeting to discuss plans for building a new mosque in a somewhat rural area of Spotsylvania County. Trustee Samer Shalaby, an engineer as well as the mosque representative, presented designs to a packed house and tried to deal with traffic concerns. Partway through the meeting, a man interrupted and spewed vitriolic Islamophobic rhetoric. He drew some approving applause from some in the crowd, sadly, and due to the … [Read more...]

We belong to Allah and to Him is Our Return

Alhamdulillah, my husband returned safely from his emergency trip to Egypt.  If you are connected to his or my Facebook, you know that his brother passed away over the weekend.  As Muslims, when we hear of a death, we say "Inna lilahi wa inna ilahi rajiuun",  which translates as "Indeed, we belong to God and to Him is our return".  It is a reminder that our time here in this world is borrowed time.  Our loved ones do not belong to us; they are a trust for us.  Every person is born and dies accor … [Read more...]

Securing the Faithful – A Session I Attended in Spotsylvania County to Learn How to Make our Houses of Worship Safer


As Salaamu Alaikum – Peace be upon you – and hello to all my fellow human beings. Last night my husband and I attended a training session called “Securing the Faithful”. This session was sponsored by the Spotsylvania County Virginia Sheriff's Department and Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg Virginia. This course was immensely informative, and before I get into the details, I would like to thank First Sergeant Shaun D. Jones, Senior Deputy William E. Lee, and Germanna Chief of Police … [Read more...]

What Lessons Can Muslims Take from the Ahmed Mohamed Story?

Yesterday a teenager was arrested for bringing a clock to school. If you just this minute discovered social media, here is a link to the story. Take your time; I'll wait: "They Thought it was a Bomb; 9th Grader Arrested After Bringing Homemade Clock to School" And no, that headline did not come from The Onion. Today was a different story. Today young Ahmed Mohamed broke the internet and garnered support from Muslim organizations, The Jet Propulsion Lab, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and our … [Read more...]

When the Brown & Black Ones Get to High School

I have five kids at home. They range in age from fifteen to five. I just sent the youngest off to kindergarten this year. My teenage son takes after me, his pasty mom of European extraction. Medium-brown hair, eyes that shade from gray to green depending on the weather and his mood, totally not-Arab skin tone that is everything a WASP could dream for. He tans nicely. He is a proud nerd / geek. He works on computers and is part of an anti-hacking cyber team. He is learning how to fly a plane. … [Read more...]