Vicka: “Our Lady is “alive”..Heaven is still on Earth here.”

Photo By Sean Bloomfield – Director upcoming film “Apparition Hill”

Interview with Visionary Vicka Ivanković

Excerpts taken from book: Krešimir Šego, “Time of Grace”, published by Ziral in Mostar, .

Q: What does Medjugorje mean in the world today?

Vicka: Medjugorje means a lot, for sure. I mean not Medjugorje as a place, but Medjugorje as a message certainly means a lot. It is really something that one cannot imagine; I mean that Our Lady’s message has spread all over the world, to its farthest corner. Judging by the messages I receive, by the letters from all over the world, people are delighted. This has become an oasis of peace; nowhere can a man find such a peace as here under Our Lady’s shelter, in her presence, covered with her mantle. That’s why it is so. But Medjugorje is great by Our Lady’s message and because Our Lady is still here, because her presence is still on a daily basis. Lourdes, Fatima and other places are pilgrim places, it’s wonderful to be in them but one has a different feeling in a place where Our Lady is “alive”. That’s why people feel that Medjugorje is great, because Heaven is still on Earth here, and because Our Lady is present every day.

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Interview with Vicka


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