Pope Francis Pens New Prayer for the Virgin Mary


“Virgin and Mother Mary,

You who, moved by the Spirit, have received the Word of life in the depth of your humble faith, totally given to the Eternal, help us to say our “yes” in urgency, more imperative than ever, to make the Good News of Jesus resound.

Obtain for us now a new resurrected ardor to bring everyone the Gospel of life that conquers death.

Give us the holy audacity to look for new ways so that the gift of beauty that does not go out will reach everyone.

Star of the new evangelization, help us to shine in the witness of communion, service, ardent and generous faith, justice and love for the poor, so that the joy of the Gospel reaches the ends of the earth and no periphery is deprived of its light.

Mother of the living Gospel, source of joy for the little ones, pray for us. Amen”.


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