Mural of the Last Supper by House for All Sinners and Saints

Here’s the mural of the Last Supper House for All Sinners and Saints made out of images that represent people we don’t like, or categories of people we wish weren’t also invited to Christ’s table, but are. The table is made of images of bread.

About Nadia Bolz Weber

I am the founding Pastor at House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. We are an urban liturgical community with a progressive yet deeply rooted theological imagination. Learn more at

  • Ali Kirkpatrick

    Hi Pastor Nadia!
    I am a subscriber to your blog and truly wish that there was a HFASS in every city! I have loved your thoughts on Holy Week – and wanted to share a tradition I’ve begun in my own home for Holy Thursday (I was raised Catholic) that has expanded my faith and I hope that of my family. I know you are terribly busy, but if you had any time, I would be privileged if you chose to read it. – A Precious Eight Feet

  • scotty

    I agree with Ali. I wish there were an HFASS in every city, but especially mine. Until then, you give me daily reasons to hurry up and visit my friend in Denver.

    Please know you are impacting more than just your congregants at HFASS.

  • Adele

    This is amazing. Did you do it with magazine and newspaper clippings, like your Advent project, or did you also invite folks to bring in personal photos of people they struggle with? Would love to know more about how you incorporated this into the liturgy.

  • Ruth

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful and provoking picture and concept.

  • Janet L. Bohren

    Fascinating piece. Wish I could enlarge it more to see more detail. What is the significance of the clock being set at 9?
    I too would love to know more about how the people of HFSS put this together and how you are using it.
    Again, thanks so much for sharing so much of your ministry at HFSS via your sermons (with podcasts which is great) and your blogs and other social media communications.