don’t get behind on your evangelism!

I found this on the web on another blogger’s site who was also satirizing it and couldn’t resist posting it. No, I’m not going to buy a pair for my daughter! She’d be embarassed to wear them. Personally I think it’s a bummer that people have to resort to this kind of crap! This deserves some kind of reward! Maybe I’ll start, instead of the Darwin Awards, the Judas Awards for Christian nonsense.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • BrianM

    Seriously? I think this is HILARIOUS! This can’t be for real, has to be photoshopped!

    BUT if it was real it would be even better! I’m wrapping my daughter in paper with that quote when she turns 14 and will unwrap at 18.

  • John

    Unwrap at 18? my girl is 18. I will unwrap her at her wedding! After I poke the guys eyes out. Its scriptural: “Better to enter into heaven with no eyes, than hell with eyes.” Hey, its a paraphrase.

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  • Julia

    This kind of thing is asinine!

  • hehehe 8)

  • Chris

    Mark Driscoll had a pic on his site that showed a girl with a very tight T-shirt (that left nothing to the imagination) that read,”Body Piercing Saved My Life”. The words stretched around her, ahem… shoulders and needed some effort to read it.(like reading a long word on a globe). Right message, shockingly wrong idea, I think. I have a 14 year old and she doesn’t get to ANYTHING written across her butt. It makes for high drama when shopping for clothes and I look even less cool, but hey, what’s cooler than chastity.

  • joni

    asinine.. describes it well. LOL

  • Jill Esmailion

    So……these arent available on your website?

  • Jeff

    You’d have a lot of nominees.