against our despisers

This isn’t an aerial view of northern barrens.
This is the bark on a red maple in my yard.
Not pretty as you might suppose.
But i think it beautiful, though barren.
And it got me thinking about the criticisms
you’ve raised against my church.
I have a revelation for you: all you see is bark.
Yes, it can appear damp, dark and even dead.
But you don’t know that coursing beneath

its hoary membrane is life teaming.
In the heart is sweet sap and living fluids.
Where you see lifeless and harsh presentations,
I see a protective layer against your damned disease.
There is something so beautiful in the core
that it would take your breath away.
Oddly, it’s when we’re at our best that
we don’t give a crap how we look to you!
But, loathing to look and deigning to discern,
you depart despising what you yourself have necessitated.

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  • Well put.

  • Jacquelyn

    Beautiful Dave! Thank you.

  • Jacquelyn

    How is it that any one (or any of us), is ever are able to really clearly see the “speck” in others? Our own “plank” is so huge that it surely blocks our own vision… Don’t get me started. ha

  • darren

    It is easier to critisize, yet we feel more alive when we give praises to one another!…

  • Fred

    No, The Core was a terrible movie.

  • I really like this one. Well written, especially “Oddly, it’s when we’re at our best that
    we don’t give a crap how we look to you!” How true, indeed.