lisa’s favorite tee shirt

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David Hayward runs the blog nakedpastor as a graffiti artist on the walls of religion where he critiques religion… specifically Christianity and the church. He also runs the online community The Lasting Supper where people can help themselves discover, explore and live in spiritual freedom.

  • Heidi

    Does that come in an XS? Then again, I don’t think it would be good for me to wear that. ;-)

  • Heidi

    But really, you’ve GOT to get one of those made for Lisa.

  • Nicholas Cardot

    Oh my…

  • nakedpastor

    she was shocked when i posted it, but got a kick out of it after a while. i don’t know if she’d wear it.

  • Steve Thomas

    they should go like hotcakes!

  • Jill

    I was thinking, you could put quotation marks around “naked” , and a little c and then we could all wear one.

  • nakedpastor

    hm. i don’t get the little c