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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • HA HA HA HA!!!! Loved this one!!

  • It was using show tunes for hymns that gave you away.


  • Careful now, DEA, stereotypes aren’t always helpful. Anyway, as you know, this one is quite personal for me. Thankfully I am surrounded by people who have made it easier. I have not felt that kind of fear in more than 15 years.


  • This cartoon could bring about such great conversation between many different points of view. As a lesbian, I have experienced this from both ends.. literally.

    How funny that they are saying you “allowed”.. it still amazes me that someone could be turned away from a church…. but it happens for many reasons.

  • lor

    best post I ever saw on this topic:

    peace to you as well, Jamie 🙂 it makes me angry for you that you would feel fear in the Lord’s house

    joni, I also gave an ironic smile at “allowed”, as if Jesus would turn anyone away who came before him honestly searching for his grace

  • Nice reference post Lor, I hadn’t read that one.

    I liked this comic Dave. I wonder if the move of solidarity is to turn and ask those congregants what they would do if it was me?

  • oh wow this is a good one

  • Yeah I liked this one too – shows the biased attitude the church can embrace sometimes to keep the perceived undesirables out.

  • I wonder if secretly we know that to truly encounter the other we must be willing to embrace all of who they are. Because of the deep psychic insecurity in North Americans that would mean being too vulnerable to our worst fears. So we build mental boundaries and fight like hell to keep them in place. But so many dear and brave folks, who just happen to also be gay, bear the brunt of our own machinations to somehow desperately hold on to the illusion we like to think is reality.

    Jesus did not bow to such fears. When I read the gospels I have hope that one day this ignorance will also be overcome.

  • i’m a bit confused. when we talk about “embracing all” of who people are or acceptance, what exactly are we talking about? are we talking about a homosexual who is unrepentant and see’s absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that they are actively pursing a homosexual lifestyle and having sex with a person of the same sex? or are we talking about welcoming in people who can recognize and are repentant of the sin that is a part of their lives and are working out self-control when it comes to lust etc?

    i realize this is a touchy subject and i’m in no way meaning to sound arrogant and come across as a bigot. i’m just curious as to what we mean when we say we need to accept homosexuals.
    this is a GREAT article writen by an old prof of mine about homosexuality and the power of the gospel.

    the fact of the matter is this. was jesus accepting of people who were in NEED of his grace? yes. but was he accepting of the SIN that was their very NEED for grace? no. Jesus accepts all who come to him and promises to leave NONE *unchanged*.

    so the next question is (obviously), is homosexuality sin? i think according to scripture (which is pretty much the standard we must use) the answer is yes. not because God is out to get homosexuals, but rather, because sexuality has gone astray from God’s ideal sexuality and a very real part of this is homosexuality (along with sleeping around, rape, lust etc etc etc).



  • Hi Jonathan:
    Thanks for your comment. A couple things:
    Newmarket is my home town. Yup!
    Secondly, I read parts of your blog… I’ve been through church splits, been fired from ministry in another church plant, experienced exoduses from my churches, been ridiculed, scorned and scoffed at. And I want to tell you why: in EVERY case it was over the issue of “grace”. Not the theology of it, but the practice of it. “Since” or “if” (whatever your theological stance on the issue) homosexuality is a sin, I want to declare to you that it won’t make a hill of beans. It’s how you love others, no matter what their sexual orientation. That’s what’s going to get you crucified. Make a decision now to unconditionally and non-judgmentally love those who are theologically erroneous to love. Then you’ll see real “shit”. I decided a while ago that instead of leaving the church myself because it seems hopelessly entrenched in its own ideas of righteousness, that I would try to stay and just love others and trust them to their own journeys. I decided that I would share what my journey is, encourage them to get in touch with their own, and be there to help along the way as they mutually help me. It’s not very popular in the circles of religion I’m used to. As you yourself admit, you are young, but don’t let anyone, including yourself, despise that. The church needs more lovers, not more theologians. Nuf said!

  • well thanks for the quick response! a newmarket fella huh? nice! anyways, i agree with what you’re saying. and i realize that *we* will be judged based on how we love others. (after commenting on your post i was browsing joni’s blog which lead me to the gay christians site. after reading through there a distinction that i always felt was there was illuminated for me. i now better understand the “side a” and “side b” and the difference between being gay and homosexual behaviour. thanks joni!) however…actually forget what i was going to say.

    i’m pretty sure i hear you on this. and i just pray that God would continue to change me so that i am known by him and teach me to trust him with the rest.

    thanks so much david, i’m glad that i can learn from my brother!


  • Just letting you know I’ve linked to your site…
    This cartoon is too close to the truth. I’m the pastor’s husband. I came out as gay five months ago. Still reeling, but still married.
    Thanks for the excellent response to Jonathan.