Be New Wine!

Someone once said that old wine skins can’t handle new wine. They’ll burst. It is a picture of convention’s inability to endure change.

Once in a while I notice that I’m feeling more tired than usual, sad, bored, unmotivated, and easily distracted. It takes something like a two-by-four over the head for me to realize what’s going on.

Almost always, it’s because I’ve begun serving the system rather than the people. It’s because the machine has asserted its supremacy and priority over my life. And this always numbs my heart, stuns my mind and kills my passion. There is no single person to blame. It is the subtle yet insidious domination of the powers, so beautifully embodied in our thought systems, networks, institutions and traditions. It is the gravitational pull of all powers and authorities toward the death of the human spirit. It is when, because of my inattention, these powers begin to hold sway in my life that I fall into a debilitating hopelessness. My work, as a result, becomes mundane, boring, spiritless, monotonous and lifeless.

At this point I realize: I must change! Be transformed! My number one job is for personal transformation. Change is urgent! A new creature! I must become new wine again. Then the dry, old, oppressive and constricting systems can’t contain me. They will burst. I must avoid their traps. And if I unwisely fall into one of their traps, then I must be changed to break those chains that would imprison me. The key is not to wait for the new wine, but to become the new wine! Only then will I live in the freedom I’ve been promised.

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  • Fred

    Great post today.

  • thanks fred

  • Erik

    Hi there. Stumbled over your blog for the first time this day(Linked from Faith and Theology), and read this post. I actually had the same thing happen to me lately. Yesterday I just called out my team of leaders in the meeting, put them up front before our whole congregation, and just asked for forgiveness. When the system, and work get’s me, I also notice less passion and less clear thinking, and for me, this makes me irritated and a lot of my respons to things don’t always go out in love.

    It was good to see that it’s not only me that struggle with this, and you also put words on some things for me.

    God bless!

  • sounds awesome erik.

  • Boredom is a check engine light for me too. It means that I haven’t been engaged with living beings. It means that I have been looking for meaning in things, ideas, and social games. It really can be insidious.

    Thanks for sharing your inner life…

  • thanks richard. true. so true.

  • Jounda

    Great thoughts!

  • Gabriel

    I am leaving my current congregation because of a calling to another. I experience what your saying. Now that the system I fought so much is no concern anymore and I just have the people to love and enjoy,I realise I have only myself to blame for getting so obsessed with the system and it’s shortcomings. No system will ever be perfect-The trick is to keep your eye on the ball who will always be the people. GREAT POST

  • Fred

    I was feeling bored, so I read this again. Deserves a second thumbs up!

  • fred: thanks. appreciate it.