cartoon: jesus for the animals

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Haahahaha!

    That is hilarious, although I have a couple barbecue recipes that render this only partially valid. ; )

  • sFunny!! thanks.

  • Lynn

    I find the whole idea of an animal or a man having to be killed to satisfy a God AWFUL and barbaric. What kind of a God would require such? He could have just had a different system to begin with, after all. Repulsive.

  • Tiggy

    Oh yes, of course, Jesus came to reinstate human sacrifice because animals weren’t enough. It all makes sense now. Those followers of Baal had it right after all.

  • It’s not awful. Sacrificial animals were food animals. People have always been killing them and making them tasty with fire. Might as well do it with a nod to the Maker.

  • it might be possible that the Divine would enter into the already pre-existing violent language of humanity in order to speak a new (or forgotten) message. a message that had (or has) a trajectory, that slowly over time evolved until it reached a tipping point, when an ‘ultimate sacrifice’ occurred so that violence, as a language or as a way of religion, might be transformed or redeemed.

    it might be possible.

    David thanks for the laugh, the love, and the provoking thought!

  • Again, NP, loving this (although obviously I would, being a vegan!). I know that most people will read this cartoon differently, but I’m going to read it straight – that is, with the belief that you are genuinely putting to us the idea that Jesus is for the animals.

    I think sometimes we can forget that Jesus bought not only himself as our Saviour, but also with him a message of peace, compassion and forgiveness that should shape our faith. I passionately believe that all christians should have animal rights issues on their radar, and find it shocking that so many think that our compassion need only be directed towards our own species. We’re supposed to be stewards, and seek mercy and justice. What is ‘just’ about factory farming, suffering and death, to fulfil our greed?

    Factory farming reflects a general attitude towards life, in my opinion, and that’s partly why it leaves me feeling so devastated. These animals are helpless and denied the right to express their God-given natural behaviours. They are treated like cogs in a machine, yet they are living and breathing creatures, capable of fear, sorrow, and pain.

    Apologies if this cartoon was not intended to bring up this particular issue, and was supposed to be more about the ‘sacrificial’ element, but it just touched me to see a cartoon that was for the animals!

    I hope you don’t mind, I used your Turkey cartoon in my blog (which is about how I feel my veganism is an important part of living out my faith) – could I put a link to this one too? (I’m not really sure how these things work with copyright etc., please just let me internet etiquette.)

    Thanks for this 🙂

  • Tim

    I don’t think they sacrificed asses back then…especially after that whole Balaam incident. 🙂 Funny stuff NP.

  • now thats funny right there..

  • NathanL


    this is great. love it.

  • hayles: sure you can use it on your blog.

  • Ann B

    Sacrifice was never what the gods was always what we humans did to appease them..the greater the appeasment we thought was needed the greater the sacrifice. God did not demand Jesus’s death on the cross…He was fully God and fully man and so sacrficed himself..’once and for all’. We continue to practise sacrifice on a daily basis..we sacrifice children to sweat shops to feed our ‘god’ of commercialism, we sacrificed 6 million Jews to a ‘god’ of idealism and the list goes on. I am glad Jesus is smiling in this cartoon as it reminds me of ‘the joy that was set before Him’. He sacrificed Himself willingly and joyfully.

  • Richard Mullin

    I guess that’s why “the friendly beasts around him stood”..

    Ann B — that was very eloquent. I believe humans have always had the need to blame people and find scape goats — hence the elaborate system of sacrifice for this and that found in the old testament — I believe what Jesus did was come and say “blame me” — whatever your issue, sin, injustice — blame me – I’ll take the hit — and also live your life this way as well. Richard Rohr calls this leading your life with a “cruciform pattern”.


  • Tiggy

    Yep, it was time God took the rap for the mess he created. ;-0

  • Beautiful. 🙂

  • Royal

    That was cute.

  • thanks Royal.

  • preacherlady

    Tiggy…you said Jesus came to reinstitute human sacrifice…Have you ever thought of how the crucifixion relates to 21 century western thinking?

  • Tiggy

    Er…I wasn’t exactly saying that seriously. Yes, I have. I think that in practise it enables us to forgive God. We see we have a god who suffers with us.