cartoon: atheists, monsters

cartoon: atheists, monsters May 20, 2010

"Nice vid David - hilarious! We'll miss you and wish you all the best! (and ..."

nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Oh yes, we are under your bed little Johnny – and you will be our guest of honor at the next Atheist BBQ!

  • Fredrik

    If I was that kid, I would be more worried about Catholic clergy hiding there…

  • But what about agnostics or I shudder to suggest it, Muslims?

  • Teri

    I’m a christian and this is hurtful. I have many good friends who are atheists. This is foolish jesting that the Bible speaks of. Not impressed.

  • Teri: This cartoon is MEANT to ridicule the silly notion that atheists are scary.

  • Teri

    Hmmm. Not sure that is coming across well.

  • Jade

    Fail. Unfortunately, your cartoon doesn’t “ridicule the silly notion”… Only with your explanation does your point come across, so you didn’t cross that bridge as well as you thought you had.

  • Johnfom

    I don’t know Terri. Likening a fear of atheists to the childish fear of monsters under the bed?

    Admittedly it helps that I know the artist’s previous work and recognise the satire.

    BTW: I’m an unabashed Christian also 🙂

  • I think it comes across pretty well. My atheist husband (I’m a Christian) thought it was pretty funny.

  • @Alise – I (Atheist too) thought it was absolutely hilarious….

  • ttm

    My atheist son thought it was hilarious too. He even considered buying the original…

    Someone not familiar with the artist and his work might take it literally, but that’s part of the process of interpretation. We have to ask who created this? What is the artist’s point of view? Does the artist use sarcasm or not? How do his life experience (if that can be known) and other works relate to this piece?

    Awesome cartoon, David! I must admit that I have occasionally awakened in the middle of the night, screaming for breath, suddenly very aware that Christian fundamentalists might be hiding in my closet… 😉

  • ttm: LOL. My 17 year old daughter couldn’t stop laughing when she saw it.

  • Bruce

    I got it right off the bat. I am a Christian with many Atheist friends and don’t find this hurtful in the least, as I’m sure my friends wouldn’t either. I carry my own baggage and they carry theirs. Seems some the Christians here are being a bit judgmental???

  • the Preacher’s Kid

    I thought it was funny – and I thought ttm’s comment about Christian fundamentalists in the closet even funnier.

  • New cartoon idea – a Christian’s Fundamentalism being ‘in the closet’? Has a funny ring to it.

  • Christine

    ttm: Hilarious! But you’re going to give me nightmares. 🙂

  • Great Toon David!

  • Teri

    OK..OK… I submit. I didn’t really know for sure what David was going for becuz I’m not aware of him. BUT.. I am now. There wasn’t any judgement involved, it just wasn’t clear to a few . I’m a songwriter that pitches to artists, tv and film… and if you go with all that( Bruce) “Who is the artist, what are they trying to convey, what’s their life experience, etc etc..” I’ve lost them in the first 30 seconds. That’s too much work!!! BUT.. now that I’ve been “informed”…. I get it. I’m glad no one was hurt by it. I have some atheists friends who would by looking at my page and I don’t want to have to explain away more things since they know I’m a christian and know that I respect them.

    So…I’m sarcastic too at times, and I’ve had to go back and explain to people I’ve hurt.. That’s all I was alluding to. PEACE?

  • I find Evangelical hyper literalists have a hard time dealing with subtely, nuance, satyre and sarcasm… they actually think the latter is a fault!

    Now I totally disagree with your plan to sell your cartoons, unless that is they are published in a book first and exposed in galleries and museums… For Pete’s sake PUBLISH!!!!!!!

  • er… that’s subtlety!!!

  • Patrick Reilly

    Satire is never received well with the masses.

  • Johnfom

    Which masses are you talking about there Patrick? From my experience (limited, I know) it’s the national mode of humour in Aus (my home). Similar in Scotland as well (my residence). They have a saying up here that the further south you go, the less they get the joke (apologies to any southern UKers who do get ‘the joke’). I get the impression, with a sample size I could number on two hands (friends and Canadian comedians), that the Canadians tend to enjoy satire well also.

    Point being, and with no malice, nor aggression, that different ‘masses’ receive better than others.

    Now this is a genuine question from someone who is intrigued by cultural differences and would like to take this opportunity to explore: Is it the US masses that don’t receive satire well?

    Oh, BTW, off on a tangental observation: Malawians don’t ‘do’ sarcasm from what I’ve seen. they just don’t get it at all. You can trade ironies and sarcasms in fun with a Zimbabwean all day, but Malawians… >>insert sound of something passing swiftly overhead here<<

  • Louise…you really need to learn to express yourself. I second the motion…publish…preferably before Christmas. A book of NP cartoons would be the perfect gift. I’ll bet, if you wanted to self publish, that enough people would advance order and pay in advance, to more than cover the publishing costs. You have enough readership to market on-line w/o having to pay someone 55% to market for you.

  • I give it a 10! SO funny!

  • Thanks April! perfect!

  • Preacher Lady… er was that sarcasm?

    Johnfom… believe it or not an Israeli study found that the appreciation of satire/sarcasm etc. requires a special brain function! For instance, people with certain neurological disorders or Aspergers are unable to decipher sub-text. I have been addicted to satire since youth (blame Mad magazine and my sarcastic mom) and find it provides wonderful intellectual stimulation though it is probably the main reason why I am still single!

    Wesley was also satirical in his day. Upon meeting one of his adversaries on a path too narrow for two, his foe said “I never step aside for fools” and Wesley politely answered “Ah but I always do!”. This form of humour was highly appreciated in the court of the King of France, involving wit and “répartie”… The French film “Ridicule” documents this well.

  • Louise…me…sarcastic?