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David Hayward runs the blog nakedpastor as a graffiti artist on the walls of religion where he critiques religion… specifically Christianity and the church. He also runs the online community The Lasting Supper where people can help themselves discover, explore and live in spiritual freedom.

  • Sea2Sea

    I think you must have been sitting at the back of my church and I didn’t see you there! Only my old pastor had a spikey hair and earrings.

  • Paul

    Outstanding and way too true! We all seem to lean towards thinking that our interpretation is the correct one.

  • Lewisur


    Perhaps that’s true – although, I would suggest that we lean towards thinking that our interpretation is the *BEST* one available. And that is surely the only option – as if we think some other interpretation is better, I would like to think we would adopt it…?

    I know that I am partially wrong (or at least, I believe I am!!) – however, as it IS my interpretation, I believe it is less wrong than the other options of which I am aware. Until I find something that makes more sense (so to speak), I must stick with what I’ve got.

  • Janet Oberholtzer

    Love this – because it’s so real. It’s sad how often it’s true, especially in churches.

  • nakedpastor

    Thanks Janet for commenting. Nice to meet you. I’ve been on both sides of this.

  • Jen E

    I wish more Christians in the west would think for themselves. Evangelicals who spurn a pope, usually fail to realize that they turn their pastors’ into one, taking his word for God’s Word, instead of thinking for themselves. Oh wait! Thinking for oneself is dangerous! (At least that’s what my pastor said).

  • Sea2Sea

    Jen… mine said that very thing too!! You were really “hand-slapped” if you chose to think for yourself. The favor of the big P was removed!! Funny how people are.

  • Rob

    Sounds like many of you have been hurt by pastors. I know many Pastor’s personally that would hate to be “pontified” by their congregations, and work incredibly hard to not be by being accountable, honest, and transparent with their own problems and issues. I think there is a difference between a pastor being a rock star, being narcissistic, and a pastor being used by God to serve a church…

  • Christine

    Lewisur – Agreed. The problem is when pastors put their best interpretation out there as the only one, or the only legitimate possibility, as if they couldn’t be wrong. An alternative is to let people know what interpretations are out there and, with some guidence, let them make up their own minds.

  • Cindy

    Brilliant as usual David. You really should put together a book of your cartoons. People have all kinds of ways of putting a spin on things to try to remove the negative perception of their actions without actually changing them.

  • nakedpastor

    Cindy: I’m spring cleaning right now. But I am in the process of getting that cartoon book together. 101 of nakedpastor’s best.

  • Work In Progress Bible Community


    Unfortunately it’s a sad but true one. Some Pastors are really close to become Christian Hitlers. There is only a little line that they could be the worst dictators. They are dictating their congregation often in a really manipulative and offensive ways.

    But many fall for it and want to be controlled. You don’t have to think you just follow whatever is said from the pulpit.

    David looking forward for your cartoon book. I will have one.

    Rob – agree with you. The fact that in most churches Pastors and not accountable to nobody allows them to control congregations in their own way.

  • Will

    that’s hilarious Dave! I often joke to my friends “God loves you, and Willy has a plan for your life!” lol

  • Brad Gross

    Hey David, love the cartoon. What came to mind when I saw this were 2 random headlines, “PASTORAL AUTHORITY” and then “SLAVES TO MY HERMENEUTICS”.

    Looking forward to the coming book.

    Love the cartoons and can’t wait to talk to you more on the podcast.


  • Monique

    Your timing is scary.

  • preacherlady

    So whats wrong with that? I mean, there are certain standards that have to be kept in this fellowship! What sort of a witness are we giving to the world by allowing everyone to do what they want? We have a dress code, a dating code, a behavioral standard. Lets clean up the outside so everything will LOOK great. Just remember that God put me into your life to show you how to meet His standards.(so sad…how many of us have heard a variation on that theme?)

  • stacey robbins