comic: i shall not be moved

comic: i shall not be moved August 16, 2010

Click on the image for a larger picture! This is pen and graphite on Strathmore coldpress paper, measuring 8″x10″ (20cm x 25cm). I’m calling her Sophia.

The promise is that, if you so will, nothing shall move you. You will take your stand. And you will keep your stand. ‘Til death. You can buy a fine art print of this cartoon here (free shipping!)

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  • I really like this

  • thanks makeesha. means a lot coming from a designer!!

  • I kinda like this one indeedy. May I ask if you know the cartoon work of Michael Leunig, the Australian cartoonist? This one reminds me a subtle little of his themes.

    My real favourite cartoonist was Patrick Cook, also an Australian; but he was more aggro and less whimsical.

  • gurdur: thanks. strange. someone else recently compared some of my work to Leunig. I’ll have to check out the other one.

  • This is SO good, and SO timely. Thank you again David. I don’t really think you fully comprehend the impact you have on peoples’ lives with your artwork. It’s God inspired.

  • A personal stand against sin in one’s own life is a hard thing. I do feel like a weakling standing against it just to watch it run me over once more. These lessons are the hardest to endure. Sometimes I wonder why God would endure such a man as I. Why doesn’t he just do away with me once and for all and avail himself of this sinful man? I don’t know… there are times that I wish he would so I wouldn’t have to endure myself. He knows that I am frail and the I’m made of dust. And I do look forward to the day when this vile body will be exchanged for an incorruptible body. Till then, I stand in front of the beast, ever ready to get back up again after he tramples me. A never-ending battle.

  • Which one is Christian?

    Which one is God?

    Why are they in opposition? and when will someone realize that there is a better way?

  • Which one is stubborn and which one is loving?

  • Kurt Goddard

    I like this one, cool painting Dave

  • ‘I shall not be moved’…neither shall I!