cartoon: pastors & dogs counterparts

This is a kindly joke. Pastor: which one are you? Member: which one is your pastor? Maybe have a small group about it. I’ve been all of them, depending on my particular state of mind. There are others I could have included, but hey, there’s only so much room. You can buy a print of this cartoon here. Great gift!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • lisa

    LOVE THIS! so accurate too. : )

  • Woof!

  • Fred

    Um…maybe none? Pastors are human beings. Which dog are you?

    Ironically, it’s someone within our church pressuring for what she wants asking me to “throw her a bone.” They’re not dogs. We don’t throw bones.

  • Adam O

    I’m not a pastor, but I tend to be the lab. Am I just too sensitive? haha

  • LOL! 🙂

    A few other doggies…

    Cocker Spaniel – I’m dumb but loveable.”-

    Bichon Frise – “I only sniff the socially acceptable.”

    Pointer (or any other hunting breed) – “I will capture my prey”

    Rescue Mutt – “I love you just as you are.”

    The mutt wins in the end. See Lady and the Tramp. 🙂

  • Crystal

    I sometimes think that if we were allowed to bring our pets to church, maybe we wouldn’t all be tussling over issues with such viciousness. Pets lower our stress levels in the way humans don’t. At my ex church a guy brought his dog into the sanctuary because it was too cold to leave it outside ( he was a visitor just dropping by ) and no-one could focus on the pastor because they were all looking at the cute dog – Point made I think…Crystal.

  • “let me in your purse” was my favorite, very clever.

  • Boethius

    Where is the working husky who “works like a dog?”

  • good one boethius.

  • Nancy T.

    I love the additions people have suggested… they keep rounding out the picture.

    My submissions:

    Jackal – it passes itself off as a dog, but isn’t, and it is viscious.

    Greyhound – we must go running after the newest thing to go whizzing by.

    As mentioned, pastors are people, not dogs. But, some dogs probably minister better to people than some ‘ministers’ do… they don’t judge you, they want to keep you company, they will stay with you through any kind of weather, they will help protect you from threats, and usually any friend of yours, man or beast, is a friend of theirs (or, at least tolerated). ;>

  • faithlessinfatima

    Beware of Dogs… Alpha and Omega

  • Beware of DOGma!

  • David! I love this cartoon because in it you included the two dogs that are in our family! We have a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. 🙂

  • so lydia you’re well cared for!

  • Indeed! Now I must repay the favor and get those doggies to the groomer! Neither of these breeds shed, but it is bath time and Bonbon (the Standard Poodle who we got from a breeder in Canada!) needs her poodle cut again.

    Question: I just hunted for your email address and cannot find it. A few weeks ago your newsletter included a free download of “Solitary Tree.” I loved it and saved it to my desktop. Tonight I was working on a post about the possibly tallest-in-the-world Ponderosa Pine having been discovered here in Oregon. I wanted to include “Solitary Tree” with a link to your blog (if it would be ok to use it…as I recall your email gave instructions for use but I did not keep the email). I tried to upload it to my post and Blogger kept going nuts then finally rejected it. Hmmmm, I wondered. So I went to the source doc on my desktop and you wouldn’t believe all the crazy codes that filled pages….no image at all. I thought I would email it to you to see the corrupted file, but reconsidered thinking it probably isn’t something to pass on. I don’t think your original send was corrupted because I looked at the image several times after downloading it. But I have had trouble this week with my Outlook program, and I believe it is related to that file.
    If you don’t mind I would love to have it to download again — that is, if it is alright to post. I won’t worry about the post about the pine tree until I hear from you.

    Many thanks – and sorry for the trouble.

  • Lydia: Here’s a similar painting:
    you could link to that post. or i could send you a small image of the one i sent out last week via email and you can just link to nakedpastor.

  • faithlessinfatima


    Dogma and Dogpa-w

  • @ faithlessinfatima : doggone, this hits the funny bone!