cartoon: clearing

cartoon: clearing February 7, 2011

You can get a quality fine art print of this cartoon or its original here.

Isn’t it strange sometimes how what we normally think would be dangerous and what would be safe gets reversed? Our young woman has made a journey through the deep dark woods. She’s finally come to a clearing. Should she leave the dark shelter of the forest and enter the clearing? She’s not sure because she will expose herself to any potential threat. But if she is to persevere in her search she has no choice but to make herself vulnerable and cross it. This is a graphite and ink drawing on Arches 300 hotpress cotton rag, 8″x10″ (20cm x 25cm).

I’m calling her Sophia.

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  • Good Morning David – so enjoying “our young woman” – is there any way that you can create a tag specific to her so that I don’t miss any of her drawings?? Her journey is significant to me.

  • Lynn


  • I agree with HeidiRenee. These posts should be tagged somehow so we can more easily follow her journey.