cartoon: Rob Hell

So Rob Bell is in the news being raked over the coals because of his ideas. It inspired this cartoon. If anyone knows Rob Bell, please pass this on to him. I’d love for him to see this:

Origen: c. 185-254, distinguished Egyptian scholar and theologian in the early church; largely responsible for collecting Christian writings which became the New Testament; taught in and revived the Catechetical School of Alexandria where Clement of Alexandria had taught; produced a corrected Septuagint; wrote commentaries on most of the Bible; articulated one of the first philosophical expositions on Christian doctrine; and, oh… did not believe in eternal torment.

Acquire the original of this cartoon for $125. (Please contact me.) Or you can get a fine art print of this cartoon here.

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  • As I noted on your facebool page – This all smells like a brilliant marketing ploy – piper needs bell and vice versa to push product. Yet another missional male whizzing contest where I lack the interest and ontological equipment needed to participate.

  • Hahahaha Brilliant! I went for a conference on evangelical universalism. It was brilliant. Have a look here

  • Lynn

    Funny cartoon.

    I am weary though. Maybe if I were still deep into Christianity, I’d get all dramatic, spend lots of time wondering what he meant, etc.

    Now I just don’t care!

  • Dan Brennan

    Love it!

  • It’s all mind games folks!
    If you like shocking humor on the topic of ‘hell’ go to this link and get the hell book. Zender is brilliant at taking apart the ‘hell’ thing with his over the top black humor.

  • Fred


  • Well . . . I don’t actually KNOW Rob Bell, but I did go to college with him and got a postcard from him once. (Had I been a little more foresightful, I’d have hung onto it.) Sadly this does not mean that I know of any way to pass this along to him, but I just felt like a little pseudobragging for no apparent reason.

  • So then, how do we assess Peter in Acts where he says that Jesus is to remain in heaven until the “Restoration of All Things”?

    On the other hand, I would suggest that you do some further research on Origen. He was never excommunicated in life time, nor was he later charged with heresy because of his eschatology. The later debates about his orthodoxy centered on his use of Stoicism and his more speculative cosmology.

  • I don’t know David well enough (via his blog) to be able to tell if this is his way of saying he disagrees with Rob or not.

  • oh the pyrony of it all… haha!

  • Funny.

    And I second reading Martin Zender’s stuff if you want an entertaining yet informative look at the topic of hell.

  • Did you intend the comparison between Rob Bell and a guy who practiced self-castration to be some sort of a compliment???

  • John: I don’t think you can “practice” self-castration.

  • Josh

    You can practice it, but only once.

  • Maybe Gray

    Although I may really like his book (Bell’s) I share Becky’s suspicions.

  • John T

    NP, Keep giving the religious world HELL! Hell yeah!

  • thanks John. lol.

  • All this trading of books on theological positions is getting somewhat tiresome. I’m starting to feel like something out of Ecclesiastes:

    “There’s no end to the publishing of books, and constant study wears you out so you’re no good for anything else.? (12:12)

  • lisa

    too much thought required on this one for a tuesday morning before 2nd cup of coffee….sorry i’m such a rube – don’t know who rob is don’t know who origen is..where’s the half & half and splenda…

  • Let’s all become Zen Buddhists guys and let theology go!!!

  • Lynn

    I’ll check into Zen Buddhists. They might be a lot more fun than Christians arguing with each other about theology, ALL coming from the crystal- clear Word of God! Makes my head hurt thinking about it.

  • Seems to me some people missed the point of the cartoon which seems to be making the comparison between Bell catching ‘hell’ for his views while a well known Christian figurehead held some of the same views and yet was not even bothered.

    Plus he self castrated – which was pretty groovy even for his times (lol).

  • Tricky

    Hi, my name is Jesus…you’re first hour is free!

    Please…get a real job and quit milking your audience.

    Where’s your biblical basis for your offerings?

    When did the apostles and disciples set up shop offering the first hour free.

    People, seek Christ and forget this loonie and his crystal ball.

    My cat can likely interpret your dreams and will do it for free…even after the first hour.

  • Tricky: It’s attitudes like yours that caused me to leave the ministry. Your self-righteousness stinks to High Heaven. And your cat’s. But I’m here for you too if you need.

  • Amaris

    OMG David!

    This man is being insulted and ridiculed about a book that hasn’t even come out yet! I am sickened yet again by Christians. I admire this mans honesty and plan to read his books. What is wrong with people that because we don’t agree with somebody we treat them with contempt and hate. And us Christians are the worst for it. I am grieving for this mans position and partly for myself. He stands in a narrow gap which the church would like to see him crushed between. This viral reaction will get him some press and hopefully the book will get into the hands of people who need it! God bless him. He’s a brave man.

  • true amaris.

  • Lynn

    “People, seek Christ and forget this loonie and his crystal ball.”

    There’s the answer to any and all problems you may encounter in life-Jesus. It’s so very simple!! Oh, and if it doesn’t work for you, then something’s wrong with YOU, not the advice.

  • Ok. but to be clear… Origen did believe in Hell, just not eternal hell. Bell well may too. May he fare well!

  • Thanks Rob. Which is why I said “eternal torment”. I hoped that got the same point across.

  • tony

    Tricky…..I like to think that the purpose of David’s blog is to encourage searching and help people.
    To offer a free hour is beyond generous….
    Jesus didnt come here to start a religion…he came here to save you from religion.

  • Hi David.

    As someone who has had an early version of the book since January, I’ve let a few more details out today on my blog if anyone cares to visit.

    I think this cartoon does an excellent job of putting things into perspective.

  • This is a great cartoon. Hilarious and simple, but it communicates a lot.

    Of course, universal salvation through Jesus was the taught and believed as doctrine in Christianity for the first nearly 500 years of its existence. That’s one of two reasons why I adhere to it. The other one is: It’s taught in the Scriptures.