cartoon: Bell envy

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Who isn’t any more? I’m getting that cynical.

    I don’t ever want a dime from anything “ministry” related again.

    Church mortgages, paychecks and celebrity status are the currency…and the millstones…of many pastors it seems.

  • Connie

    I thought the same thing years ago when I saw the spread joyce Meyers and her family live on. And when her husband Dave talked about his antique car collection during the collection time.

  • HILARIOUS! Ain’t it the truth! I think it is VERY easy to throw darts at others who have success or make money, but, well if WE were at the receiving end, it would be just great… sorry, I am happy they are doing well AND would love to have my own bestseller someday. Sorry. AND I hope the world finds out-and pays for-these great thought provoking cartoons!

  • monica: i’d be the first to admit that i would love to write a best-seller!

  • Just wondering how they would pay the bills if they didn’t get paid for their writings? Or how anyone in ministry could get by if they weren’t paid for anything ministry related?

    Personally, I don’t think we ‘do’ money well in Christian circles. It’s not like these guys are holding huge rallies and asking people to give them money. They offer a product. If people don’t want to buy it, or don’t see value in it, no one is forcing them to pay. But, if what they offer has value, then why shouldn’t they get paid for it?

    Now, let me get back to work on my bestseller… 😉

  • That’s about right.

    That is our nature.

  • Oh dear, is MONEY a dirty word?
    Oh dear, naughty rebellious me, I suppose I’ll have to wash my mouth out with soap and water now.

  • Tiggy

    What pisses me off is that it all seems to be blokes doing this stuff. I think women are less into the whole lifestyle that writing those sort of books involves. They tend do less in the way of speaking tours or they are more a straightforward part of academia.

    I do think a lot of what these guys say is not particularly original, it’s just that they are saying it in more populist circles. I was thinking the same stuff as them when I was a teenager back in the early eighties but I wasn’t being allowed to say it in church circles so I just gave up. Even now I find that a speaking visitor to our church who is male can get away with saying stuff that I would be frowned on for articulating. I have more pressing concerns these days than theology. I think it’s more important to fight for political and social change and care for people and treat them with respect. I think far too much time is spent focusing on God or our concepts of God, singing songs to God, telling God what a great big God he is and generally giving God encouragement he can hardly be in need of. I don’t think Jesus was telling people that those things were important. That’s not the impression I get from reading the parables he preached to the crowds. The church seems very mixed up.

  • you only get what you pay for …

  • Tiggy is spot on here – the books aren’t that original and they’re marketing through male missional channels. There isn’t a single female progressive evangelical on the national stage here in the US.