cartoon: forgive them

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Good one Dave.

  • thanks tfort

  • Lynn

    Very good.

  • I’m afraid it says it all. Did He die for this?

  • BrianMpei

    This is the one I want on a tshirt!

  • scott

    love it!

  • thanks everyone!

  • It is not about church.
    It is not about institutionalism or authoritarianism.
    It is not about membership rolls or capital assets or social standing or political influence or cultural pervasiveness.
    It is not about the death of Jesus. It is about the life and message of Jesus.

    The Way is to be guided and instructed by the Good News message, which is:
    – God is unconditional boundless grace and unlimited unrestrained love and always has been;

    – God wants to have a loving intimate relationship with each of us without exception and without qualification;

    – seek justice as healing and rehabilitation and restoration;

    – seek universal reconciliation and inclusion and participation;

    – in healthy partnership, compassionately serve all who are hurt or lost or oppressed;

    – be generous and hospitable to all;

    – live non-violently without vengeance and with a cheerful fearlessness of death and worldly powers; and

    – be – here and now – the Kingdom of God.

    Whatever we do –
    Whatever we are –
    Wherever we are –
    – can never separate us from the love and grace and the surrounding and inviting and welcoming and inclusive presence of God.

  • That’s great, Doug.

    How are YOU doing?

  • David,

    You are spot on, here.

    I have never seen so much nonsense being passed on in the name of Christ.

    Law, Law, Law, and more Law.

    They might as well take the New Testament and rip tghose pages right out of their Bibles. They don’t need Jesus! They have Moses!!

  • Peter

    I’m very sorry to say you seem to have hit a true note here. I belong to a church, The Evangelical Covenant, which is involved in many activities it shouldn’t be involved in. When a church becomes involved and/or hires people to be involved in acts of theft, misappropriation, etc…. All in the name of “expediting” or in their minds hastening the Kingdom of God ( they should be relying on God and being obedient) one begins to wonder what the “true” message is.

  • Powerful. Especially when you consider that the religious professionals who manipulated Jesus’ crucifixion 2,000 yrs are still in business crucifying Him today. They STILL “know not what they do”…

  • dean hansen

    wow freaking wow,within the heart of man dwells the reality of the soul.

  • Audiobiker

    I like, I like!

  • james

    Unfortunantly I think they do know what they are doing – they ‘being mainly men’ want power, authority , money, land and people to lord it over. The church is a means to an end for them.

  • Becky

    Spot on – I so wish this wasn’t true.

  • Hey man, I love this, can I post it to my blog? I won’t take any credit, and will post a link to here. I am constantly frustrated with church buildings and such. (I am currently on staff at a church that will probably have to do a building project soon.) I would like to write about this on my blog, and this cartoon would be perfect to go with it.

  • of course Adam. just link to me. awesome.

  • Awesome. Thank you. I’ll send ya a link when I post it. I probably won’t have it up until Monday.
    I appreciate it.

  • Richard

    Well done Doug Sloan

  • David

    You seem to have hit on something here by the responses so far.

    Could Christianity be the Trojan Horse in man’s relationship with God?

    Now that’s a question I would like Rob Bell and other Christian authors to answer!

  • My favorite prayer of all time:

    “Dear God, save me from your followers. Amen.”


  • Here ya go.
    Thanks David, I appreciate it!