prayer from the cell: depths

Be careful what you pray for. Whether you believe in God or not, you are preparing yourself for the fulfillment of your longing. What you desire for yourself will come. I sang a song over and over again by Delirious? called “Deeper”. I want to go deeper. Over and over again. And then when I find myself in way over my head I get angry, frustrated and depressed. When will I ever learn that the cross hurts?

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Hmm … interesting. This raises some thoughts/questions.

    In the past I didn’t like the line … “Be careful what you pray for” because it made God sound like a meany, like he would give us something that could hurt us or that we wouldn’t like.

    On the other hand, I’m in a time of questioning many things I believed before …. so does it only ‘work’ because that is what we are focused on. As you say, “What you desire for yourself will come.” So because you long to go deeper, so you think about it and you listen to “Deeper.”
    So does God make that happen or do you?

  • if you want to go deeper, then you will. exactly.

  • Love that answer!

    And I know how I define who/what God is … determines the answer to this … but here’s another question …
    Is that true for anything? If I want to kinder … does God make me kinder when I pray to be kinder or do I become kinder because I think about being kinder, so therefore I am kinder?

  • i wonder if the good we desire is somehow empowered

  • you mean … empowered by prayer?

  • not necessarily. i wonder if when we desire good then all things work together for that end.

  • gotcha … that’s what I’m thinking

  • Sherri

    Ask and it will be given, Seek and you will find. It’s a principle of the world we live in that what we focus on we manifest. What we look for we find.

  • Connie

    Life hurts!

  • This has meaning for atheists as well. One could easily substitute “pray for” with “wish for”.
    Whether it’s showing deference to the wisdom of a deity or simply acknowledging your own limitations as a human being, it holds true. Sometimes what we want is 180 degrees out from what we need. Besides, it seems we often aren’t even ready to handle what we want and are lost or overwhelmed when we’ve gained it.

  • Susan

    Energy flows where Attention goes. 🙂

  • Susan … love that saying!

  • Saw this posted above a urinal:

    “Your chances of hitting the target
    improve substanially
    when you aim for the target.”

  • Richard

    Just finished a course. Not a Christian one. They taught that wishing or even saying is less than declaring because “declaring” will bring the declaration into existance.