gum balls for brains


I had this picture in a dream I had a while ago after I read a modern theology book. It was disappointing because the author just spit out one formulaic theological cliché after another. There wasn’t one original thought. It was like a cheap gum ball machine. I don’t like gum.

Why is it that when we fall into a theological position we fall in love with it and totally lose ourselves in it? From then on all our thoughts and words stream out of this secondary mind like ticker tape. I ask myself this question.

You can hear it when people are talking or writing. It’s so predictable. You’re not sure if you are conversing with a textbook or a living human being. And some people find this virtuous.

Those with original minds don’t upset the establishment because they have sweeter or bigger gum balls. It’s because they don’t deal in candy at all.

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  • Sarah

    Why fall into a theological position at all? It’s not needed.

  • john t

    David, Spewing out spiritual candy keeps you from crucifixion. Why risk the danger of being different? You could end up losing everything and wind up naked!

  • and we don’t want that!

  • If it is a proper theological idea, then ought fall in love with it.

    For instance, that Jesus loves and forgives real sinners with NOTHING required of us to make this happen.

    That is such a wonderful theological postion that they even call it, ‘The Good News’.

  • Those with notions of self-transcendence, or spiritual improvement…do have gumballs for brains…at least where proper Christian doctrine is concerned.

  • Ed

    Tom Servo!

  • Michael

    Yeah, pretty much.

    What they pop out can’t be eaten, has no nourishment, tastes good at first because of all the artificial sweeteners, then grows bland and tasteless.

    Hm…maybe it needs to be spit out?

    Mmmmm…could be Doc, could be….