walk a mile in the shoes of God


I think with my own thoughts. Even if they are borrowed, they’ve been cooked in my own mind to become my own.

Even when I propose to speak for someone else, that someone else’s words have been filtered through my mind and are made audible with my own unique voice.

It is important to know this, for instance, when someone says they speak for God. There is no such thing as being a pure speaker for God, a reliable sound piece, an accurate amplifier.

The kind of people who’s words I trust are those who seem to have walked in the shoes of the divine. They know suffering and are acquainted with grief. They exude a serious joy, a full wisdom, and a spacious love. They are wrapped in an approachable mystery. Pat answers escape them and deeply important questions cling to the every fibre of their being.

Wouldn’t it be intelligent to just shut up, become fully human, and therefore more divine? This is possible. Let’s!

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  • Silent Service

    And yet every televangelist I’ve ever seen seems to think that they have and can therefore speak on God’s behalf. It’s like seeing a preschooler in their parent’s work boots. Always makes you laugh even as it scares you a little.

    On a secondary note: why does it look like God wears WWI combat boots?

  • Mr. Talking Ruler

    I like the boots… makes me think God has to walk through a lot of muck, and yet he loves us anyway…

  • Ed

    Seriously, wouldn’t it be more of a joy to walk in someone else’s shoes for a while than just jump in and judge them? Think of all there is to learn! And how many different kind of shoes to walk in. People who jump to judgments or ‘speaking for God’ really miss out on something rich and rare – considering the life someone else had and the road they’ve walked. If you jump in and ‘act as God’ for someone, you haven’t really learned anything and you don’t really know anything. It takes a lot more hope and belief to know the person. I suggest that we walk a mile in someone’s shoes and then keep our silence anyway. Pray, but let the Lord talk for himself.

  • Ed

    btw – if you wear Jimmy Choo’s, can I walk in them? I promise I’ll give them back :-).

  • How can I keep silent about the need to keep silent? Narcissus didn’t know he was narcissistic. He thought the images in the pond were OTHERS Not his own projection-reflection version of them. Imagine trying to tell him. “Narci – you are staring at your own self and don’t even know it.” Do you think he’d agree? Say – “oh, thanks: I needed that. I did know know that?” I imagine my self walking in OPS. But of course I’m not. It’s always my own feet. Burning bush tromp and romp. A rip-off. A crime against the whole. Every move I make, step I take. A reduction and a violence. But it can’t be said. Hush Hush. Not even muttered.MU. Mystery.

  • Sister Marie

    I recently attended the ordination service of a friend. Along with her were about 5 others who were being ordained. Sequencially, as each of the ordination candidates were ordained, about 10 other people would take turns prophesying over her, uttering words that God had revealed to them about the individuals being ordained. I must confess that I am very skeptical about this or any scenario in which a person begins with the premise, “God told me to tell you…” I believe in the priesthood of the believer and hold to the idea that God does not need a third party to relay His messages to me.